The 2019 WSSCC goes to a final day shoot out!

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After the first 10 rounds Colin Dunn led from Mike Moss with Damian Longotano 3rd, but with Joker cards and Dropped scores to come in to play, it’s too close to call. (report by Robert- Thanks to Nick Forbes for his photos)

In 2018 Pembrey caught the full force of storm Callum, which hit all day Saturday and it turned the circuit entrance into a considerable lake, with a large lake in the paddock!  However this year we were brushed by the tail-end of Lorenzo , over Saturday night, and although there was a large puddle at the circuit entrance and some  puddles in the paddock,  it was much less than last year.

Entry and Qualifying .  There was a pleasing 17 cars on the grid, although despite some mighty efforts, but Gareth Haycock (and us), we couldn’t make it to the magic 20! Thanks to Gareth for his efforts!   The track was damp and greasy as the cars went out to practice, and Keith Butcher had one of the those ‘déjà vu’ moments as his Audi understeered  on the exit to Debeni and headed for the grass! Fortunately he managed to stop just in time, with only his front wheels on the grass, and he was able to reverse out, and go to the pits for a quick check and then to head out to get some times in!   Meanwhile the bellowing Ginetta G50 of Chris Everill was setting the pace and he took pole with a time of 1.07.532! Damian Longotano was 2nd fastest with 1.10.513. On row 2 Keith Butcher was 3rd on 1.12.116 an indication that something wasn’t right with the R8. Mike Moss was 4th fastest and on the Class BS pole!  On the 3rd row was Glynne Jones and his BMW and Mark Williams and his Class BS VW Golf. On row 4 was Gareth John with is Ginetta G40 looking good in its new livery. (a warp) Next to him and making it an all Class BS row was Daryl Radford and his Honda Civic R. On row 5 Colin Dunn (Clio) and Andrew Williams (Fiesta) made it an all class BT row.

On row 6 was Gareth Haycock who was giving his nice sounding 3.2 V6 Golf its Pembrey debut, with Mark Nicholson having his Pembrey Debut in his Clio. Mark, who is a mate of Mike Moss,  is usually found at Castle Combe although he did come with us to Silverstone! Mike was bedding in some new brakes, but got the shepherds crook (aka the Black Flag) for going too slow!  In the end he was the last driver to get under 1.20.0 so he wasn’t actually too slow!   On row 7 was Roger Dowden (WRDA Chairman) and his usual yellow Davrian, and Alan Smith who is getting his Ka down to some tidy times. On row 8 was Ben Cutler and his Mini, (only .5 of a second behind Alan) Verity Banks was alongside. On row 9  Ellis Wiggins was last! He only did a few laps as his tyres were lacking grip! He confirmed that setting them to the right pressure would have helped!

Race 1 – Round 11 15 mins + 1 lap – Rolling Start.  Damian Longotano, Mike Moss and Chris Everill played their Jokers cards for this race.

Chris Everil Leads Race 1

Blake Edwards was driving the pace car, but as he pulled off, and the lights flashed out to start the race, Damian and Chris headed the pack into Hatchets. Chris headed the pack on the first lap, Damian settled into 2nd place and the lead of Class CS! Keith Butcher settled into 3rd place, with his car somewhat lacking in pace. That’s the way the places stayed to the end,  as Damian had other fish to fry, and was not really risking anything, whilst Keith was lacking for pace. Actually as the winner of 6 races already this year, Keith was assured of the ’Blake Edwards Trophy’ but he also did have a shout for the ‘Colin Gundersen Trophy’ based on the fastest laps at Pembrey. However Chris Everill powered to the fastest lap point in Class D with a time of  1.06.489, whereas Keiths best time was 1.10.172 which shows how much his car was suffering, and this dented his  Gundersen Trophy’ hopes. Behind the first 3 there was much action. Mark Williams settled into 4th place and had Mike Moss on his tail. Mike & Mark passed & repassed each other, but more on that later on. Behind then Glynne Jones settled into 5th place, and as the flame-spitting Ginetta of Chris Everill went on its merry way, Glynnes’ BMW thought it would do some  flame-spitting of its own! The problem was that whilst Chris’ flames were coming from his exhaust, Glynne was coming from underneath his car! Eventually  after a lap or 2 Glynne became aware of the flames and as it was in the area near the cars fuel tank, he decided it was time for action, and instead of turning left onto the new section he headed direct to the marshals post near the rally-cross track!  ‘I decided I needed to be out of there!’ His door was open before the car stopped rolling, and as he jumped out, the marshals swung into action and put the fire out with a dry powder extinguisher!  Although the car disappeared in a cloud of powder, Glynne and the car were safe! Yes that’s what the marshals train for, but it is what you pay your entry fee for, to make sure the infra structure is there if it is ever needed, and the marshals can use whatever they need to keep us safe! At the time of writing Glynne hasn’t found the cause of the fire but the scrutineers thought it might have been an oil leak.

Glynne – burning up the track!

Back in the race, initially behind Glynne was a fast starting Gareth Haycock, Colin Dunn, Daryl Radford, Andrew Williams, Mark Nicholson, and  Gareth John. As the race wore on Mark Nicholson and  Gareth John began to rise up as Gareth Haycock began to fade. Late on Gareth John overtook Mark Nicolson to finish 5th with Mark 6th! Daryl Radford (7th) and Colin Dunn (8th)  had another  close end to the race with only 0.45 splitting them at the flag. Gareth John (9th) split Colin from Andrew Williams (10th)while Elis Wiggins rose up from last qualifier to finish 11th and Roger Dowden was 12th. We lost Verity Banks early on when her gear-linkage fell apart, but last but no means least were Alan Smith and Ben Cutler who had the hammer & tongs battle for  most of the race with Ben & Alan swapping and re-swapping places! In the end Alan was 13th but only 0.294 ahead of Ben who was 14th, and was awarded the ‘Driver of the Day’ for his efforts in only his first race on the Club Circuit! As a tribute to the amount of pressure Ben put  Alan under, he (Alan) had to set a new Class AT lap record to beat Ben! However as the race wound down, there was still drama as the close dice of Mike Moss and Mark Williams, go a little too close and lap 13 was unlucky for Mike as he lost his left front mudguard, but more importantly the brackets were bent onto his tyre! Fearing the worst, but not realising a slow lap could have seen him take the finish, Mike pulled off at the paddock turn! However this meant that Gareth John took the Class BS Season in his debut season, but it all was not lost as Mike had already set the fastest lap, which put him narrowly in front of Keith Butcher in the Colin Gunderson trophy standings! So Chris Everill won the race, with Damian Longotano 2nd but the Class CS winner and with double points due to his Joker.  Keith Butcher was 3rd  

Race 2 – round 12

Damian Longatano – 2019 Champion!

In the Blake Edwards Trophy Keith Butcher is the clear leader, but in the Colin Gundersen Fastest lap trophy, only 0.25 separated Keith Butcher from Mike Moss!

The race – 15 minutes + 1 lap – Rolling Start.  Blake took the grid around to start the final race in the 2019 Welsh Championship and Chris Everill took the lead, but this time Keith had the R8 flying and he stalked Chris and pounced and took the lead on lap 4, setting the fastest lap of the race in the process leaving the Class D & Championship lap record at 1.05.414 seconds! However 2 laps later it was all over for Keith, as he trailed into the pits with a damaged rim and a puncture! Chris was left to run out the rest of the race on his own, Damian ran in 2nd place and the Class CS lead, but was some distance behind Chris, as he had his eyes on the title! In 3rd place, some distance behind, was 2018 Champion Mike Moss, after passing a fast starting Gareth John and Daryl Radford, he then stalked Mark Williams, before closing and passing Mark in the closing laps, and drawing away to finish 3rd with Mark W 4th and the last car on 15 laps.  Crucially Mike set the Class Fastest lap, and he was one of several drivers to leapfrog Keith B in the Colin Gundersen Trophy points standings! Behind them Daryl Radford and Gareth John were having a real dice, but Gareth eventually got by and pulled a small gap, and his efforts were noticed by the Marshals who nominated him for the ‘Driver of the Race’ award.  Mark Nicholson recovered from a first lap spin before pulling through to finish 7th. Behind him Gareth Haycock and his V6 VW Golf and Colin Dunn (Clio) were in a close dice! Having got by Gareth on lap 8 as Gareth began to have brake problems, Colin claimed 8th  and the Class BT win and fastest lap. Gareth was 9th with Ellis Wiggins closing on him, after  passing Andy and his Fiesta, but Gareth had 3 seconds in hand over  Ellis who finished in 10th in his white Nova! (Ellis has plans over the close season to make the Nova a different colour!) Andy W fell back to finish 11th, having got a good start initially. Ben Cutler also had a fast start and was 12th ahead of Alan Smith, Roger Dowden , Verity Banks and Mark Nicholson. Mark N recovered from his spin and moved up to finish 7th.  Roger too moved on to finish 12th but it was battle joined again for Ben Cutler and Alan Smith who swapped places several times! Alan was battling hard and threw everything into it on the last lap, and set a new Class AT lap record, to break the record he had set in race 1! At the flag Ben took 13th place by 0.268 secs from the battling Alan Smith who was 14th. Verity Banks was 15th having battled on with gearbox and engine problems to record a finish. Tony B has a good few months to get the Focus refreshed and ready for the 2020 season, the WSSCC 30th Anniversary!

Times from TSL Timimg

The Awards Night is on 9th November at the Cardiff Copthorne. Contact Robert Allender via or 01792 791686 or 0772231988

Keith wins 2 at Mallory Park but Colin Dunn & Daryl Radford steal the show!

The 2019 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship continued with round 9 & 10 (the penultimate rounds) on Saturday 14th September at Mallory Park circuit. The championship last went to Mallory Park in 2017 and with some surprisingly hot September sunshine on hand, some lap records looked likely to be under threat, although some class records were still to be set. In the lead up to the race the entry seemed to be building up nicely, but a rash of late withdrawals, including Verity Banks who had to withdraw when Tony Browns transporter broke down, which meant she didn’t have a car! However as we had a late start, and the sun was shining, and with the Mallory Park lake as a background the lads suggested we have a Photo call (its all over Facebook)

Happy Band of competitors and crew 
Entry & Practice – Keith Butcher and his Audi Alms has been on pole for all 8 of the races so far, but that record looked in doubt after he dived into the paddock early on. ‘The ABS was going beserk!’ It seemed a foreign object had entered onto the rear disc, and there was some frantic work to take off the wheel and remove the object. Keith made it out to turn some laps. 
In the meantime Mark Williams put in some quick laps, and was on provisional pole. Damian Longotano was also quick, but according to a noise official, his car was noisy! The Black and Orange flag was displayed with Damian’s number displayed, but as he was concentrating on his driving, he never made the sign! The Clerk of the Course ordered a red flag to stop the session, so Damian could be taken to task. The session re-started minus Damian, and Keith was able to pump in some quick laps to take pole again. Mark Williams was 2nd on the grid. Mike Moss was 3rd, Colin Dunn was 4th. 5th and making a welcome return was Daryl Radford. Andrew 88 Williams was 6th and Alan Smith was 7th.   Damians times were set aside.
Race 1 (round 9) 15 minutes plus 1 lap –Rolling start - There was frantic work to try and re-stuff the silencer on the Westfield (which looked fairly well-stuffed anyway!) Part of Damians punishment was that he would start Race 1 from the pit-lane and would then also not do the green flag lap, so would start with cold tyres and brakes ( It begs the question if the official handing out the punishment had considered this point!) Fortunately Damian was able handle it, but some others may not be as skilful or as experienced.

Keith is on his way
In the meantime Keith grabbed the lead when the lights changed, but Mark Williams and initially Mike Moss kept him company, until the Audi had warmed it’s brakes and tyres and then Keith powered on. Mark at least kept him in sight. Meanwhile Damian was steadily making his way through the pack and was up with Mark as the race neared 12 laps. Although Damian passed Mark for 2nd place, the gap to Keith was now too great and Keith powered on to win by 23 seconds! Not that it he was taking it easy, as he set his fastest lap (and set the Class D lap record) on his last lap! Mike Moss was 4th and the Class BS winner, and he set a new BS Class Lap Record, bettering Ellis Wiggins old record in the process!
Race 1 – Daryl  chases Colin!

In the break between the races it was nice to see Ken James, who hopes to come out with us again before long. The Damian noise issue rumbled on for a short while, but is seems that some others from other races were also close to the noise limit, and then things went quiet so to speak.

Race 2 (Round 10) 15 minutes plus 1 lap –Rolling start -With the grid from Race 2 being made from the finish order of Race 1. Keith had Damian for company on the front, and as the lights changed it looked like we were in for a proper race and with Mark and Mike in tow it looked good. However it only lasted 4 laps and then Damian began to drop back and circulated at a greatly reduced pace of the remainder of the race. There was speculation as to the cause, but after the race Damian revealed that the ECU (the engines brain known as the Electonic or Engine control unit) had swung loose and was dangling down. ‘As its worth a lot of money I decided not to risk damaging the unit, but as the points are so tight I wanted to finish to get as many points as I could.’ Even though it meant that Mark Williams won Class CS, Damian would take the extra point for the fastest lap in the Class. Mike Moss was 3rd and won Class BS, and was the last driver on the lead lap!
Race 2 – This time Colin chases Daryl

One lap behind, Daryl Radford and Colin Dunn were having a real ding dong of a dice. Daryl coming out the winner by a few hundredths of a second from Colin in a dice that can be viewed on Facebook! It’s worth a look.  Colin enjoyed the race as did Daryl! Colin  was awarded the ‘Driver of the Race’ but it was a shame we only have one award per race! Andrew Williams finished 6th, and Alan Smith was 7th, with Damian 8th.  Keith Butcher broke the Class D record he set earlier as did Mike Moss (BS) Colin Dunn set the new BT record on his last lap. and Alan Smith (AT) left the AT record at 58.767 having got faster throughout the day, which is a great effort!

 The sights and sounds from a wonderful day will live long in the memory, things like Keiths car on full chat and Mikes engine hitting the limiter just before the esses, but also the friendliness of the drivers and their crew. Indeed we may have been small in number but we were big in spirit. The committee will be working hard to increase the numbers for October 6th and for 2020, which will be the 30th year of the Championship!
Results from TSL.
Lap records for Mallory Park.
14/09/2019 Driver Lap Time Set
Class CS Jason Davies 48.125 04/06/2017
Class CT Mark Williams 56.834 04/06/2017
Class BS * Mike Moss 52.265 14/09/2019
Class BT * Colin Dunn 54.964 14/09/2019
Class M Fabio Luffarelli 51.449 04/06/2017
Class I Piers Grange 47.849 04/06/2017
Class AS no entries To Be Established
Class AT * Alan Smith 58.767 14/09/2019
Class D * Keith Butcher 48.692 14/09/2019
* = new record

Butcher wins at Silverstone but
Dave Cockell and Chris Everill keep him on his toes!

The 2019 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship continued with round 7 & 8 on Sunday 11th August on the Silverstone International circuit. This is the first time the championship has used the International circuit, and it was first time in many years to be at Silverstone at all!  The entry to the Intenational paddock was via a long and twisty route. Darren Osborn could not be with us, after his wife recently gave birth to a baby girl, and Nick Crompton and Jim Lyons both have car damage to repair. However it was nice to see Ellis Wiggins and Gareth Haycock with us for the first time in 2019. Adding to the grid the first of our away rounds were 8 Guest drivers in Class I, the Invitation Class. Our Clubs’ motto is ‘You don’t have to be Welsh to join in the fun, and we are happy to see so many people joining in the fun! However missing David Krayem and his massive Dodge Viper, as he sadly had to withdraw after testing problems!

Entry & Practice. After the lead up to the August 11th featured howling winds and torrential rain, on the day, the winds had died down and the race-day started dry.  Before we started practice, the 750mc asked me to ask everybody, if they thought were dropping oil, then please pull off straight away! Apparently Silverstone had re-surfaced the track prior to the Moto GP, and they were paranoid about damage to the track surface. Silverstone would then send out their own clean-up team and that could take 45 minutes out of the timetable. This had happened on the Saturday and resulted in the programme running late, which had a knock-on effect even into the evening.  
After practice on pole position was Keith Butcher and his Audi R8 with a time of 1.08.45 in 2nd place was guest driver  Dave Cockell and his Ford Escort RSR Turbo. On Row 2 and 3rd fastest with Chris Everill and his new build Ginetta G50, and he shared the row with another of our guests, Mark Jones and his Eurocup Seat Leon. On row 3 guest driver Kirk Armitage made it all Ford row with his Escort alongside Andy Williams and his Sapphire (Andy was on the Class CS pole). Row 4 was an all WSSCC row with current champion Mike Moss (Caterham) alongside one of the WSSCC longest & strongest supporters, Glynne Jones and his BMW M3. On row 5  guest driver  Scott Hubel (Peugeot 205) had Damian Longotano (Westfield SE). On row 6 Mark Williams was out in his VW Polo and had guest driver Gary Bowers alongside (BMW M135). Row 7 we had guest driver Jack Egar with the Egar families mighty 3 litre Porsche 968 (his dad Adam would do race 2 with us) alongside was guest driver David Jones with his Ford Focus. On Row 8 was guest driver Mark Nicholson (Renault Clio – Mark is a mate with Mike Moss) alongside was Simon Hutchings (MX5), (2019 WSSCC Best Newcomer) who was having a run out on this occasion as a guest driver. On Row 9 was Colin Dunn, on the Class BT Pole with his Renault Clio. Colin is the current WSSCC points leader and alongside was Ellis Wiggins who was having his first race of the year with us in his Nova. On row 10 was Andrew Williams (Ford Fiesta) and Roger Dowden (Davrian MK6) On Row 11 was Gareth Haycock (VW Golf) and Alan Smith (Ford Ka) and last but by no means least was Verity Banks with her Ford Focus at last giving her a decent run.T
  • Keith is harried by Dave Cockell
The race 15 mins + 1 lap – Rolling start. The grid left the assembly area on the Green Flag lap sadly without Gareth Hockley, who had clutch problems which made it hard to get gears. We also soon lost Roger Dowden when the right rear wheel detached. With 3 wheels on his wagon, sadly Roger was not rolling along.  As the grid past the lights, Keith Butcher took a lead he was never to loose, but Dave Cockell in his Mk5 Escort kept him honest, for most of the distance. Behind in 3d place initially was Kirk Armitage ahead of Chris Everill but Chris got past and then held was able to keep Keith and Dave in sight but was never close enough to mount a challenge. Kirk dropped back towards the Seat of Mark Jones, who later passed him. In 6th place Andy Williams was leading Class CS with Glynne Jones for close company, Mark Williams was next making it a CS Class 1-2-3. Scott Hubel was a fast starter but he was soon overhauled by Mike Moss. Damian Longotano was having a cautious start. Guest drivers Gary Bowers, Jack Egar and David Jones where next along. Behind them Mark Nicholson, and Simon Hutchins were having a battle, until Mark hit a problem and slowed to a stop. Colin Dunn had few side by side moments with Ellis Wiggins who was trying to make some places, after starting from the back, in a drive that was to net him the ‘Driver of the Race’ award.  Mike Moss and Mark Williams were having a battle royal. However in Class CS it was suddenly all change, as Andy Williams headed to the pits trailing a huge cloud of smoke/steam! It was thought that a piston had gone, ‘Piston broke’ so to speak. This left Glynne in the lead of Class CS, but he then began to slow with fuel feed problems! Meanwhile Damian was on the move and caught and passed Moss & Williams, to pass the slowing BMW of Glynne and take the lead in Class CS (6th overall) and go on to make it a maximum score in CS!  On the last lap Mark Williams passed Glynne, to take 2nd  in Class  CS with  Glynne finishing 3rd.   Mike Moss was 7th overall behind Damian, with Mark 8th and Glynne 9th. From 10th to 14th were the Class I cars of Gary Bowers, Scott Hubel, Simon Hutchins, Jack Egar and David Jones. Behind them in 15th was Ellis Wiggins and then the Class BT cars of Colin Dunn (who had chosen this race to play his Joker card) and Andrew Williams, with Alan Smith (AT) 18th and Verity Banks, who completed the race! So Keith Butcher took his 5th win of the season having battled hard Dave Cockell in his Mk5 Escort dropped back on the last lap with some smoke coming from his car. After Keith commented ‘ He was catching me on Hangar Straight! It was getting interesting for a bit’ Dave confirmned ‘It was great fun at the time, but I hit a bump late on so I hope its not too bad. Maybe a pipe came loose!’ Chris Everill confirmed ‘It was my first time in this car and once they got their tyres warm, I wasn’t able to catch them. Maybe on a twisty circuit!’ After the end  of our 1st race it was the lunch break. In between times Roger Dowden worked hard to re-attach the rear wheel and repair the body damage caused when the wheel detached. Also there was a light sprinkling of rain. Glynne couldn’t sort out his fuel feed problems. So sadly he had to head home.
Race 2 – 15 mins + 1 lap – Rolling start By the time of our race the rain, or heavy drizzle, had set in and part of the circuit was damp! As the race wore on the whole of the circuit was affected. Even so Keith Butcher went into an immediate lead, followed initially by Dave Cockell and Chis Everill. Dave lasted 2 laps but ran wide and Chris dived into 2nd place. Dave pitted soon after as his brakes had disappeared! Chris this time really took the fight to Keith and was all over him in the corners, but the greater power of the Audi was always a telling factor on the long drag down Hangar Straight. Chris got closer & closer as the mist & rain got worse, and his efforts made him ‘Driver of the Race’
After Dave Cockell had departed, Mark Jones and the Seat moved into a secure 3rd place. Some way behind Damian Longotano had moved into 4th place, and the Class CS lead, but late on he was joined by the waring trio of guest drivers Gary Bowers & Scott Hubel who were swapping places and Mark Williams, who was now the sole remaining Class CS driver, and was trying his best to get in the action. All 4 of them were joined together, as the rain intensified and they began to reel in Mark Jones. Late on Gary Bowers got ahead of Damian, but Damian responded and moved back into 4th place and pulled a gap on the last lap to finish 4th and 1st in Class CS!  Behind the dicing foursome, Simon H was dicing with Mike Moss, but late on Mike moved clear of the slick shod MX5. Guest drivers also claimed next 3 places with David Jones’ Ford Focus, who got ahead late on of the Clio of Mark Nicholson and the big Porsche with Adam Egar in charge this time. Adam was doing a fine job having started from the back.  Colin Dunn was well in charge of Class BT from Andrew Williams. Ellis Wiggins was having a quiet race and finished 15th Alan Smith was having a fine race and finished 16th ahead of Roger Dowden in 17th, who faded after an initial charge, and Verity Banks who was 18th and now reacquainted with the chequered flag having seen it twice in one day! For my money Verity is a credit to the championship as she has had some rotten luck but she keeps calm and keeps on keeping on! Lets hope shes on a roll of good luck! 

So as the race drew to a close the rain intensified again and Keith, who had been under real pressure from Chris throughout, took the chequered flag for his 2nd win of the day.    Later Keith confirmed to the commentator ‘The last 2 laps were really, really bad. I had the traction control and ABS turned right up!’ Chris also confirmed ‘I tried real hard , we needed some more horsepower as Keith was quick on the straight, and I was quick through the twisty stuff!’  Mark Jones in 3rd place with the Seat confirmed ‘It was phemonial’ So our first ever visit to the Silverstone International Circuit was over. There are several things that will live long in my memory. The iconic corners, the huge (cavernous) pit garages, the plush seats in the auditorium, the spectacular wing pits, to name a few. The feedback we received about the racing was positive, so who knows when our next visit will be!

N.B there are some excellent photos from Qualifying and Race 1 via

John Creech Facebook page

The 2019 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship continued with rounds 5 & 6 on Sunday 9th June at Pembrey circuit. Due to the majority of the track time being taken up by the Citroen C1 6 hour race, the WSSCC team swung into action and tried to give our competitors something so that they could have a chance of making the best of it!  We were helped by Phil Davies, the Circuit Manager, who could see where we were coming from, and he was a great help to us. So, although we tried to give some clues via Facebook, it was late in the week that it was confirmed that we were in Paddock 2 and would race on the ‘original’ National Circuit! Even better, the weather turned from a rainy Friday, described by Eric Dunn (Colin’s Dad) as a ‘Monsoon, and a windy Saturday, which dried up the puddles of rain, to a mostly Sunny Sunday!
Entry & Qualifying – We seemed to be on for good entry, but sadly though, we began to loose a few with cars not ready, but we still had enough entries to make it worthwhile, We were first out on the National circuit, the circuit we raced on for almost 25 years, but even the stalwarts of the championship, who have most experience of the original circuit, found it somewhat unfamiliar. Sadly we lost Nick Crompton, the Bridgend Boy and points leader, on his first lap, as he went in to the barrier at the ‘Esses! ‘I haven’t driven on this part of the circuit before, and I went into the left too fast, and the back-end kicked out and I went straight in! I was probably trying too hard on cold tyres!’ Sadly the drivers-side front-end took the major impact, and it looked like the radiators had also been damaged. Even after a few thumps from Damian Longotanos’ hammer, things weren’t any better, so sadly Nick had no option but to pack up the trailer and go home! Nick said he would be back, maybe with a new car, possibly a Westfield.
At the end of the session, it was perhaps no surprise to find that the person on pole was Keith Butcher, and his Audi R8 ALMS with a time of 61.139 sec. Keith set his pole winning time on his last lap! 2nd was Damian Longotano (62.528). Damian main problem seemed to a lack of grip, which was a theme, echoed by a few drivers, and almost everyone set their fastest time late in the session! Andy Williams was 3rd fastest in his Ford Sierra, with Mike Moss 4th. Glynne Jones was 5th in his BMW M3 with Gareth John alongside.Roger Dowden was 7th with Colin Dunn on the Class BT pole in 8th place. Andrew Williams was 9th with the ex-Nick Rocke Fiesta, with Nick on hand as well.  Darren Osborn was an excellent 10th fastest, with Alan Smith 11th and Ben Cutler 12th. Ben was with us, after the Mini 7 race at Silverstone was cancelled as Silverstone wanted to re-surface the track before the British Grand Prix and World Superbike events! Both Ben and Gareth John were having their first races on the ‘original’ National Circuit.
Race 1 (Round 5) – 15 minutes plus 1 lap – Rolling Start
Just to start the day on a proper note, the race started just an hour after qualifying had finished, and as the lights changed, the grid roared away, with Keiths Audi leading the way! At the end of lap 1 Keith had established a lead he was never to loose, and he eventually lapped everyone except Damain Longotano, who finished the race in 2nd place albeit 46 seconds behind Keith! Mike Moss was 3rd but was 1 lap behind on 15 laps. Sadly we lost both Andy Williams and Glynne Jones, half-way through lap 2. Andy got really sideways in the Ford Sierra, and when he straightened up, he hit Glynne in the door, and both cars were off, but out of the way!  Mike Moss had a grandstand seat, but managed to avoid the incident, and was promoted to 3rd  place. Andrew Williams was now 4th (and leading Class BS) but he had Roger Dowden for close company. Colin Dunn had been delayed by a spin from Gareth John, and he revealed he had to go on the grass to avoid the spinning Ginetta! Now, however they were running in tandem and catching Andy & Roger. Roger passed Andy briefly before Colin & Gareth caught up. As Keith continued on his way, there was a tremendous battle between Darren Osborns BMW, Alan Smith Ford Ka, and Ben Cutlers Mini! Places were swapped on a regular basis. In the midfield battle Gareth John was now in 4th place, Andy was 5th but now had Colin Dunn on his tail and Roger Dowden was 7th. However Andys’ Ford Fiesta began to slow and dropped back towards Alan Smith! Ben Cutler passed Darren as the heavy metal BMW began to use its tyres. As the race began to draw to a close, Mike Moss and Gareth John were lapped by Keith, and finished 1 lap down in 3rd and 4th place respectively although   Gareth had time for another spin! Andy Williams found some life back in his car and retook 7th from Alan Smith who was only 0.323 seconds behind at the flag! Ben Cutler was 9th  in only his 3rd ever race and was given the ‘Driver of the Race’ award for his performance in taking 3 seconds off his Practice time, on a circuit he had never seen before!
The only remaining question was, could Keith set a new lap record! The current fastest lap on the National circuit was 60.441 set by the other Keith- Keith White at 60.441. Keith Butcher set his fastest time on lap 2 setting a new record of 60.265!
Afterwards Keith confirmed ‘There was no grip out there and I had a problem with the rear tyres!  Andy Williams and Glynne Jones had a chat and a chance to assess the damage to their cars! However  whereas Glynne had an unwelcome dent in the driver side door of his BMW, Andy had lost his front splitter and had damage to the Sierras steering, so it was time to put the car on the trailer and sadly head for home!
Having brought the Thunder of real race cars to the circuit, after a short break it was time for the C1s to take to the track, and with precious little noise from the race track to disturb the peace, it was time for everyone else to have maybe, have time for a long lunch break, or in the case of Alan Smith, take some time to work on the Ka car!
However there was plenty of drama waiting for us in the Welsh Championships race 2!
Race 2 (Round 6) – 15 minutes plus 1 lap – Rolling Start
After the C1s had finished their race, it was time for the Welsh Championship to show what real racing was all about. Our usual potent mixture of cars with real engine noise and differing styles was welcomed by the Marshals and for them was a perfect way to end the weekend! As the lights changed Keith powered the thunderous Audi straight into the lead! Damian Longotano was in 2nd  place, but this time he had Mike Moss for close company, and they were soon joined by Glynne Jones, who had started from the back, to make it a 3 way dice for 2nd place. This was worth watching, although the commentators were very interested how quickly Keith could go. However although he was able to extend his lead, the track seemed slower for almost everyone. Damian was in no position to chase, as he had Mike & Glynne on his tail!
Keiths’ Audi had built up a 12 second lead over Damian at the end of the 5th lap, but all of a sudden there was a dramatic change as Keiths Audi began to slow and crept into the pits! Something was wrong with the Audi, and the car sat motionless for what seemed like an age, meanwhile Damian had swept by into the lead! Having done a re-set, Keith eventually got the car going again, but he was now 57 seconds behind Damian, having lost over a minute in the process!
Things were now very different at the front, as Damian, now the leader, tried hard to keep Mike and Glynne at bay. On lap 13 Mike and Glynne set their fastest laps to close in to be a few 10ths behind Damian. On the penultimate lap Glynne tried hard to overtake Mike at Hatchets, as Mike was trying to take Damian, and paint was swapped! On the final lap Mike finally managed to overtake Damian and was able to stay ahead to win by 0.553! Damian was 2nd and won Class CS, but he was denied the point for fastest lap in class by Glynne!  Glynne Jones was 3rd (& 2nd in CS) and the recovering Audi of Keith Butcher was 4th! Gareth John was 5th (& 2nd in BS) Colin Dunn was 6th & 1st in Class BT & Andrew Williams was 7th (& 2nd in BT) and the last runner on the lead lap.
Roger Dowden was eventually 8th overall after an eventful race, after he spun at Hatchets Hairpin in the early laps! Fortunately, this time, he was able to re-start the vintage Hillman Imp engine in the yellow Davrian, but he was now last and drove well to make it back up the order. Darren Osborn and Alan Smith had another great dice with some swapping of places. Alan finished 9th and Darren was 10th. Ben Cutler was 11th. At the end of the race Mike was overjoyed at his first race win, and won the .Driver of the Race’ award  In fact it’s a shame there is only one award as all 3 drivers deserved it. Later Keith revealed the reason for his pit visit. ‘I ran over the rumble strip and after I brought the car back on the track, I lost power! I didn’t want to stop and re-set on the track, and I was able to make it to the pits, and do a re-set there! Thinking about now I may have touched the pit-lane limiter as I tried to get off the rumble strip!’
Even so Mike Moss is the latest name on the list of race winners. The next round in the 2019 Championship is at Silverstone on Sunday August 11th.
Keith Butchers’ double race win- Mike Moss & Colin Dunn both class winners too- round 3 & 4 report
Chris Everill chases Keith Butcher hard on lap 1 - (action photos by Rob Allender)
Chris Everill chases Keith Butcher hard on lap 1 – (action photos by Rob Allender)

The 2019 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship continued with round 3 & 4 on Sunday 12th May on the Club circuit at the Track Fest Meeting.

Entry & Practice. Once again after a chilly few weeks since the Easter sunshine, just in time for our races, the Sunshine and warmth returned! A good grid seemed to be in prospect, but several cars we thought we might see, were missing!. Verity Banks’ ‘flamethrower’ Ford wasn’t fixed, and Jason Davies found a Shock Absorber fault in testing that ruled him out, and Fabio & Tyrone had truck problems after a tyre blow-out caused some damage! On the grid though was Chris Everill, after his team of helpers put in a ’mighty’ effort to get him on the grid, after his Castle Combe prang! Namely his son Ross and his mate Matt. Also Chris great mate Neil, and with help from Ben Scrivens at Speedtec who has been very good lending Chris parts to copy and borrow till he can remake them! Chris confirmed ‘Yes she was a right mess but begged and borrowed parts to get her done”

Keith Butcher (Audi R8) was on Pole Position for the 3rd race in a row with a time of 65.935sec! Chris Everill joined on the front row for an all Class D lock-out! On Row 2 and fastest in Class CS was the incredible turbo Mini of Jim Lyons! Jimbo was really flying, but at a cost as his engine went on to 3 cylinders due to a HGF (Head Gasket Failure). This meant a lot of work to change it for a new one, which filled in the 5 hour gap between Qualifying and the Race!  Alongside Jimbo on row 2 was Damian Longotano and his Westfield SE.   On the 3rd row was Nick Crompton and his Evo and having his first r\ace of the season was Andy Williams and his Ford Sierra Sapphire, making it an all CS line up from 3rd to 6th fastest! There was only few 10ths between them, so an excellent race between them was in prospect!

On the 4th row was Mike Moss, the reigning champion, who put his Caterham on the Class BS pole. Glynne Jones (BMW M3) was alongside Mike. Darren Hockly (Honda Civic R) was on row 5 with our New driver Gareth John making it an all Llanelli row. Gareth, from Swiss Valley in Llanelli, is a former biker, having his first car race in the GotBoost Ginetta G40. He had an unfortunate ‘off’ in Friday practice, but Steff of Gotboost worked wonders getting Gareth ‘On the grid’ for an impressive debut1 Mark Williams was on row 6, this time in the VW Golf as his Peugeot hasn’t been fixed yet! Mark had Roger Dowden rapid Davrian MK 6 alongside him. The last 3 places on the grid was an all BT affair with Colin Dunn on the Class BT pole with his Clio (Colin only got 4 laps due to a starter motor issue) . Alongside was Andrew Williams and his ‘new’ (to him) Ford Fiesta and finally Darren O with his series 3 BMW 1800 was the last starter.

It was nice to see former champions Martin Davies and Rhodri having a catch up in the sunshine!

Race 1 –Rolling Start-15 minutes plus 1 lap – Photo & report by Jonathon Mayne

After the lights changed everyone all go through Hatchets cleanly, with Keith Butchers R8 out in front. At the end of lap one Mike Moss made a huge dive into Hatchets on Jimbo, who held him off around the outside. Chris Everill in the Bitsa Ginetta (Bits of this and that) was closing on Keith in the R8, but Keith is able to power away down the start finish. As Keith’s tyres were now well up to temperature, he started to pull away.

A fast starting Nick Crompton and Damian Longotano were locked in a battle for the Class CS honours and the Evo seemed to have the advantage though Spitfires. Eventually Damian got past by the end of lap 4, he was never really able to pull away and Chris & Keith seemed too far away.  In a ‘Battle of Bridgend’ Nick then had Jim Lyons for close company with less a second between them at times! Nick secured 4th with Jim 5th.  Roger Dowden and Gareth John were fighting for position, it was an interesting battle as the G40 and Davrian are from two different eras of motorsport, as were the drivers with the experienced Dowden and the novice John, but they seemed very well matched.

The G40 and Davrian battle was eventually caught by Andrew Williams in the Fiesta.

Andy Williams and Glynne Jones were having a fun dice, with first Williams pitching his car into a lurid slide, followed by Jones, who was even more sideways! Mike Moss had dropped away from the Nick Crompton and Jim Lyons dice and was still on his way to a comfortable Class BS win, but he almost fell into the clutches of the Williams/Jones dice. Andys Seirra and Glynne M3 were virtually nose to tail1 Glyyne commented after ‘My rear tyres were shot at the end!’ That was no surprise to any of the spectators! Darren Hockly was the last driver on the lead lap in 9th place !

Keith Butcher was well into the traffic and had pulled out to a 7 second lead over the Chris in the Ginetta G50. On lap 7 Roger Dowden was on the outside going into Hatchets letting a faster car through, but he put a wheel onto the curb and spun through 360 degrees – the hot engine will not re-start and with Rogers’ car in a dangerous position and only 4 minutes left on the clock, the red flag is shown followed by the red and chequered flag. Ironically the Davrian burst into life at this point and Roger drove back to the paddock! Colin Dunn had been keeping up with Mark Williams, despite Colins’ tyres having already completed the BARC Saloons race and having a starter motor issue that required the car to be push started! With the DNF (Did Not Finish)  of Roger Dowden, Gareth John was 12th with Andrew Williams’ Fiesta less than 2/10ths of a second behind him! Darren Osborn was 14th, and was driving the wheels off his car in the corners, to make up the lack of speed on the straight, but was only lapped once by the flying Audi R8 of race winner Keith Butcher!

Race 2 –Rolling Start-15 minutes plus 1 lap – report by Jonathon Mayne   

After the lights changed everyone all got through Hatchets cleanly, with Keith Butchers R8 out in front again. Chris Everill in the Bitsa Ginetta kept Keith under pressure in the early laps.  A fast starting Nick Crompton and Damian Longotano were locked in a battle for the Class CS honours again but this time Damian got past by the end of lap 2. Mike Moss lost ground and was down three places! Gareth Johns spun at the crossing in front of the marshals at post 3, but he was able to keep going but had dropped to the tail of the field.

Having got up to 3rd place Damian Longotano was slowing out of Hatchet, and everyone expected him to limp back to the pit but he surprised everybody by staying out! This promoted Nick Crompton into 3rd overall and the Class CS lead! Behind Nick, the Mini of Jimbo Lyons had a train of cars behind him, all the way down to Andy Williams in 8th place. Keiths’ R8 is on song down the front straight, having pulled away. Headlights ablaze he is catching the tail of the field. Damian Longotano is still lapping slowly. Colin Dunn had caught Mark Williams in the Golf and they are battling despite them being in different classes. The leaders were well into lapping traffic, and Keiths R8 was a few cars behind Damian Longotano, who suddenly returned to full speed and is off  o the races! After the race Damian revealed the problems was with the Westfield gears. ‘I got stuck in 4th Gear, I couldn’t shift the gear stick but then eventually I started to get the gears again!’

Damian sets a new personal best lap on lap eight! Keith caught up with Dunn and Williams battle, who did their best to let the fast car through, but Mark is on the grass coming out of Hatchets, and they were 3 wide at the apex!

Keith has the 44 of Longotano in his sights as he comes to lap him. He is matching his fastest lap but Longotano responds with a near identical lap time, the little Westfield is being driven hard! As Keith was within blue flag distance, Damian moved over in a gentlemanly fashion into Hatchets!

It seems Keith Butcher’s April gearbox gremlins had moved on and were now attacking some other cars! Late in the race, Andrew Williams looped the Fiesta through at the crossing and continued! ‘I couldn’t get a gear and then I got 4th so I kept going’ This dropped Andrew back to Darren Osborn, who passed him to move into 14th place, and 2nd in Class BT! However on the last lap Andrew found 5th Gear and channelling his ‘Tiff Needell’ repassed Darren O to retake 2nd in Class BT! Darren finished and 15th  and 3rd    in Class BT.

Damian Longotano Westfield was staying with the Keith and on the last lap, Keith eased off, allowing Longotano to catch and pass the R8 coming out of Honda before the chequered flag. He then had another lap can to catch Glynne Jones in the BMW M3. He caught the BMW and passed him into Carters Curve on the very last lap to take 6th place overall and 3rd place in Class CS! Glynne was 7th and the last runner on the lead lap. Andy Williams was 8th, Darren Hockly was 9th . Colin Dunn was 10th and first in Class BT. Gareth John recovered to finish 11th (and earn himself the ‘’Driver of the Race’ award) Mark Williams was 12th and Roger Dowden was 13th Andrew Williams was 14th and Darren Osborn was 15th

For results and Times

Keith Butcher & Nick Crompton are both race winners at sunny Pembrey  The 2019 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship (organised by the Welsh Racing Drivers Association) is  now in its 29th year and started on Easter Sunday  21st April with 2 races at Pembey circuit at the Brscc South Western Centre meeting.

Entry & Practice April started with freezing cold wind, but just in time for the Easter weekend the temperature began to soar with buckets loads of lovely hot sunshine! In the weeks before the entry looked like it was on the way to a decent size, but some late withdrawals with car problems, saw the entry peak at 16. However sadly we lost 2 cars in the first few laps of practice! Verity Banks exited after only 2 laps in her new(ish) Ford Focus before it turned itself into a mobile flamethrower! The culprit seemed to be no. 3 cylinder which failed and shot all the engine oil out of the hot exhaust!  Mark Williams didn’t last much longer with his new (to him) Peugeot 205, which threw a rod out of the block!

However that was the last of the terminal Engine casualties of the weekend (at least as far as the WSSCC was concerned).

Heading the times was Keith Butcher, who was the series champion in 2007, and has an Audi R8 but had not driven this new car before at Pembrey.  Keith was expecting up at the front, although he though it unlikely he will fall foul of the 60 second rule! This rule is designed to make sure that everyone is able to have a good race, meaning that the cars in the smaller engine classes, are not lapped too many times!  Keith says ‘You have to drive really quickly to lap in the 60 second bracket’ On the day the pole time was 1.05.827. 2nd fastest was Chris Everill and his Ginetta with a nice new livery! Longotano was 3rd  in his Caterham SE. 4th was Bridgend boy Nick Crompton, who returned with his trusty Mitsubishi Evo , while he builds a new Class M car.  Now whilst Keith and his 21st century technology Audi were on pole. Endaf Owen and Jim Lyons were on the 3rd row. Endaf was giving his Honda Civic a run, while Jimbo was making a fine show by being less than 4 seconds slower than Keith, in his Mini turbo which has it’s roots in 1950s technology!

Glynne Jones was 7th in his BMW, and had Mike Moss for company on the 4th row. Mike won the 2018 Champion in his Class BS Caterham, and he now carries the Number 1 on his car, to indicate he is the current champion!  On row 5 Dave Hockley and his Honda Civic was on his own as Mark Williams was missing. Colin Dunn and his Clio, was on the Class BT Pole, and shared row 6 with Roger Dowden and had Andrew Williams behind him on row 7. Andy had replaced his MG with a Ford Fiesta that looked vaguely familiar! Joining him on row 7 was teenage sensation Ben Cutler and his Mini 7! Ben from Newcastle Emlyn has just turned 16 and although he has had some karting and Auto-grass experience, he was having his race debut. Ben was supported by his dad Rob, and they are targeting the Mini 7 S Class, but getting off the mark at their local circuit was a bonus. Ben was clearly finding his feet, although he got beached after a grassy moment.  On row 8 Darren Osborn had converted his 1800 BMW to Class BT and was joined on the final row by Alan Smith. Alan should have had some company but was the sole AT runner again.

Race 1- 15 mins plus 1 lap- Rolling Start.

Keiths' Audi R8 is stalked by Damians' Westfield
Keiths’ Audi R8 is stalked by Damians’ Westfield

Alan Jenkins sent out a call-out on Saturday, as the organisers needed a driver for safety car driver for Sunday. Blake Edwards answered the call, and was rolling back the years by being in the lead of a WSSCC race again; even if it was for a short distance! As the grid assembled Keith Butcher was on his own as Chris Everills’ car was stuck in the paddock. Having moved the Ginetta to go out for race one, Chris found an oil patch on the ground! This needed investigation and it was found that the gearbox oil cooler line had sprung a leak, and it needed to be fixed and Chris would miss race one! So as the cars came round to the lights Keith grabbed an immediate lead from Nick Crompton and a fast starting Mike Moss.  Damian Longotano made his usual cautious start and made his way up past Mike & Nick by lap 4 to run some 5 seconds behind Keith initially. However as the race wore on, Damian increased the pressure on Keith. The lead see-sawed, as they lapped the backmarkers, until Damian was virtually with Keith.  Keith responded by setting his fastest lap on lap 10! Even so Damian still had Keith in his sights and there was less than 1 second between them as Keith crossed the line! Nick Crompton made up the top 3 finishers.

Behind Nick, there was some early dicing for positions, but eventually Endaf passed Mike Moss and had made it up to 4th place.  Glynne Jones & Jim swapped places early on, but then Jimbo repassed Glynne, who then had Darren (Dave) Hockly for company.

In the later stages there was a tense stand-off between Mike Moss & Jim Lyons, with Mike in 5th place a few seconds ahead of Jimbo at the end! Jim was 6th, Glynne was 7th and Darren H was 8th

Colin Dunn (9th) established himself in the lead of Class BT but behind him Roger Dowden (AS) was having a dice with Andy Williams (BT) Ford Fiesta, which lasted almost the whole race, until Andy passed Rogers veteran Davrian Mk 6. However by that time Colin was too far up the road for Andy to do anything about catching him! Meanwhile Ben Cutler got a good start and was initially keeping Alan Smith and Darren Osborn at bay. Late on, Alan slipped by to finish in 12th place.  Ben finished his first race in 13th, and his dad Rob was well pleased with his lap times! Darren found his tyres going off late on in his heavy metal 1800 BMW and finished in 14th and last. Damian had set the fastest lap of the race in his pursuit of Keith, and won the ‘Driver of the Race’ for his efforts to keep Keith honest!

Post-race in the paddock there was a lot of sweaty drivers, and wearing Black overalls while driving a Black car may not been the coolest choice in the hottest day of the year!

Race 2- 15 mins plus 1 lap- Rolling Start.

By the time the grid left behind Blake in the pace car, Chris Everill was able to join at the back of the grid, but Endaf was missing as he had family holiday duties. At the lights Keith made a good start, but Damian had the Audi under pressure, and with Chris Everill making quick progress through the field it seemed as if we were going to have a 3 car dice for the lead. Damian found his car going sideways and pulled off at Hatchets as his Westfield appeared uncontrollable. However Chris had taken his place and had Keith under pressure and they both began to draw away from Nick Crompton. Mike Moss had Jim Lyons as close company. Glynne Jones also had Darren Hockly on his tail. Andy Williams got the jump on Colin Dunn and with Roger Dowden joining in it was a close 3 way fight that was very watchable! Andy & Colin were nose to tail for lap after lap until Colin got past eventually finishing 7th and 1st in Class BT again. Andy eventually dropped behind Roger Dowden to finish 9th, but was still 2nd in BT. Alan Smith was 10th, with Darren Osborn 11th (and used his Joker Card to double his points) Ben Cutler finished his 2nd race in 12th place.

Meanwhile the dice at the front had started to cool as Chris Everills pace began to slow and he eventually pulled off  with fuel surge problems. This left Keith Butcher and his Audi on his own to stroke his way to another win, with almost 27 seconds in hand on Nick Crompton.  Keith opened the gap up to over 35 secsonds, but on lap 14 as he went to change up, the gearbox found only neutral and he pulled to the side of the track and stopped as Nick flew past into the lead! Keiths’ Audi was emitting the occasional V10 howl and then he got moving again and got up to speed but Nick was long gone. Mike Moss was now 3rd. So Nick proved if you want to finish first – first finish!

Later Keith revealed that as he tried to change gear he got a box of neutrals. ‘I was just going to switch it off and then switch it back on, when I got gears again’ Damian Longotano found the reason for the poor handling of his  Caterham SE was that a bolt holding a stabilising bar, known as a Panhard rod, to the rear suspension, had snapped! That will be an easy fix and it can be hoped that the next round at Pembrey on May 12th when the race will be on the twisty Club circuit, the battle for the win will intensify.

Full times are at TSL Timing 

Class Lap Records Pembrey Club Circuit 1.49 miles (2.40 Km)

New records are in red type

New ‘Club’ Circuit
ClassDriverClass RecordDate set
ASRichard Francis76.16215/10/2017
ATAlan Smith81.6722/04/2018
BSMike Moss69.30221/04/2019
BTTyrone Luffarelli73.59115/10/2017
CSBradley John66.15423/07/2017
CTDave Scaramanga72.64515/10/2017
DKeith Butcher 66.71721/04/2019
MFabio Luffarelli67.74915/10/2017

Full details of the championship are in the 2019 WSSCC Regulations

Class Lap Records for Pembrey Club’ Circuit

Red = new record set in 2019

Club’ Circuit
ClassDriverClass RecordDate set
ASRichard Francis76.16215/10/2017
ATAlan Smith81.6722/04/2018
BSMike Moss69.30221/04/2019
BTTyrone Luffarelli73.59115/10/2017
CSBradley John66.15423/07/2017
CTDave Scaramanga72.64515/10/2017
DKeith Butcher 66.71721/04/2019
MFabio Luffarelli67.74915/10/2017

For more details about joining in with the championship,  contact Alan Jenkins on 07753 617087 or Robert Allender on 01792 791686 or 07722261988

More details about joining in is also on The Welsh Racing Drivers Association website