Chris & Damian take a win each, as excellent racing showcases the Welsh Championship

WSSCC Rounds 11 & 12 Race Report by Nick Rocke
Entry & Practice . After Storm Callum had drenched Pembrey on Friday and Saturday, it did not look promising for Sunday’s races, but as competitors rolled up on Sunday morning the weather was looking a bit more promising, Yyes it was cold and wet and Pembrey had a few water features, which some would say were more like lakes, but the weather was much calmer and the circuit was open for business.
Unfortunately Gareth Haycock’s car was out of action for this weekend, but Gareth had still took to the time out to come down and support his fellow competitors. 18 cars went out into qualifying, we were second out after theLlegends so they had helped dry the track out a bit, all 18 cars finished qualifying with Chris Everill in his Ginetta taking pole position with an impressive 1.09.7 lap time two seconds clear of 2nd place Keith Butcher in his Seat Cupra!
New comer Andy Thompson in his Seat Toledo Turbo just pinched 3rd from Andy Williams’ Sierra Cosworth by just over two 10ths of a second, hopefully we will see more of Andy Thompson in the 2019 season, Andy Williams from Risca was going very well, it was touch and go whether he was going to make it to the meeting after his race car had technical difficulties, but he was here and was in a good position for a spot on the podium.
Class BS driver Simon Hutchings stuck his Mazda MX5 in 5th after a fantastic qualifying session, in 6th was  Darren Hockley in the Honda Civic type R followed by Colin Dunn in his Renault Clio Sport with a respectful 1.18.4 lap time, astonishingly Mark Williams was back after his big off into the tyre wall at the last meeting, the Volkswagen Golf was looking great and had not knocked his confidence one bit! He was sitting 8th on the grid.
Damian Longotano was in 9th after not getting the power down due to the conditions, he had made efforts to soften off the suspension to help but it obviously did not work as well as he had hoped. In 10th Daryl Radford had returned to the championship for the last meeting of the year, after having issues at the start of the season in Oulton Park.  Andrew Williams in the MG ZR was in 11th on the grid and 2nd in class BT and looked to be extracting every last horsepower out of that MG.
Ellis Wiggins who had just celebrated his 32nd birthday put the Nova in 12th. Glynne Jones, left leg was now fully recovered and he was in 13th and it was good to see him out enjoying the BMW again. Susanne Jones had paid us a visit in her Lotus Elise and was in 14th.
The final four competitors were Blake Edwards in his Clio Sport 15th which is actually up for grabs at the end of the season., if you know anyone looking for a well sorted competitive race car? Alan Smith in the IDGAF Racing KA was in 16th, Verity Banks who was renting one of Lufferelli’s Peugeot 106’s, whilst her car is repaired, was in 17th. And last but not least the one and only Roger Dowden, who had gearbox issues during qualifying and lost 4th gear, fingers crossed he will be out in the races later in the day.
Round 11. 15 minutes + 1 Lap – Rolling Start

It was a long wait to the first race of the day for the WSSCC, but there was plenty of action track side to watch in the mean time, we got grided up and started at 1.51pm. The first couple of laps were rather busy with plenty of position changes. Chris Everill had taken the lead and on lap 2 Damian Longotano had some issues with power and went off line, spinning on to the grass at Debeni corner! Thankfully he scrubbed enough speed off to avoid the tyre wall, and with a helping hand from the

Keith Butcher is in there some where- photo by Steve Williams

Orange Army he got on his way only one lap down! However as Damian was re-entering the track,  Keith Butcher, also went to do a bit of gardening at Debeni corner, but unfortunately his Seat Cupra found the pond where we had so much rain, and was going no where, and he had to abandon it there.

On lap 4 Andy Williams locked up into Hatchets as he tried to avoid the slowing Andy Thompson Seat Toledo Turbo! Andy  had flat spotted his tyres and as a precaution came in on that lap to avoid the tyre failing completely.
On lap 6 Andy Thompson retired his Seat Toledo, with the throttle stuck open!
Chris Everill’s lead was substantial by this point and he remained un-challenged for the rest of the race, Damian’s Westfield had made a bit of a come back and battled his way back through the pack and was running in 4th overall.
Glynne Jones retired his car on lap 8 as he had damaged his oil cooler! Unknown to Damian but he was also losing brake fluid, fortunately only from the rear brakes so he managed to continue racing. Simon Hutching’s was having one of his best races this season, and had made it up to 2nd place and was not going to give it up easily.
14 cars finished the race and the final order as they crossed the line was Chris Everill in 1st  and 1st in Class D, Simon Hutchings in a fantastic 2nd and 1st in Class BS (his highest finishing position in his racing career). Daryl Radford was 3rd overall and 2nd in BS, in 4th after his near miss with the tyre wall was Damian Longotano also 1st in CS, 5th was Darren Hockley in the Honda Civic and close behind was Susanne Jones in the Lotus Elise.
Mark Williams had a few running issues but thoroughly enjoyed running on slicks and finished 7th and 2nd in Class CS, Colin Dunn came in 8th overall and 1st in Class BT, Ellis Wiggins in 9th and 3rd in BS, Roger Dowden despite losing 4th gear in qualifying managed 10th and 1st in Class AS.
Andrew Williams in the MG ZR was 11th and the last competitor to complete 13 laps and was 2nd in Class BT, Blake Edwards was lucky to finish at all after the race he found that his fuel tank had split and he was losing a lot of fuel, he came in 11th and 4th in BS, Verity Banks in the 106 came across the line in 13th and 3rd in Class BT, and Alan Smith in the IDGAF Ford KA in 14th and 1st in Class AT.
Round 12  15 minutes + 1 Lap – Rolling Start
Our second race of the day started at 17:39 and the sun was eye blindingly low in the sky, I had the pleasure of spectating from the tower which is a great place to not only take in the fantastic spectacle we put on for our supporters, but also to take in  the beautiful landscape that surrounds Pembrey Circuit.
Only 16 cars made it out into race two as both Glynne Jones and Blake Edwards had issues with their cars that could not be rectified at the circuit. Chris Everill’s Ginetta and Simon Hutchings Mazda MX5 lined up on the front of the grid, I can only image the size of the grin of Simon’s face as he helped lead the pack round on their green flag lap.
The pack came through Honda corner and approached the start/ finish line, the lights dropped and the engine note of all 16 cars heightened as they all screamed off towards Hatchets, Daryl Radford jumped passed Simon’s MX5 and into 2nd before turning into Hatchets hairpin. Damian was desperately trying to get pass the 3rd and 2nd place competitors to challenge Chris’s Ginetta for the lead.
Andy William’s had made up 2 positions by Debeni Corner, by the end of lap one Chris Everill had pulled a nice lead, but now Damian’s Millington powered Westfield was up into 2nd and was hunting down the Ginetta. Mark Williams was now up into 4th and challenging Radford for 3rd, Simon’s MX5 had slipped to 5th and Susanne Jones was advancing on him in 6th with Darren Hockley just behind in 7th.
Mr Dunn’s Clio was in 8th , Thompson in the Toledo ex touring car and Williams in the iconic Sierra Cosworth were having a race on their own and were now 9th and 10th. Keith Butcher, after almost being swallowed by the water logged grass in race 1, had also came up from the back of the grid and was now in 11th. On lap 2 Daryl Radford’s car drastically slowed at the crossing section, causing the following VW Golf of Mark Williams to have to brake to avoid him. This gave the advantage for Simon’s MX5 to sling-shot passed both of them into the new infield section of the circuit!
At the start of lap 3 Chris Everill was still in the lead, but the gap to Damian had closed up to roughly 1 second.! Daryl Radford had pulled off on speedway straight having car issues, Simon was still in 3rd with Mark’s Golf very close behind.  Andy Williams’ Sierra Cosworth had managed to get past Thompson’s Toledo. Ellis Wiggins in the Nova Redtop was following Roger Dowden’s Davrian, Andrew Williams’ MG ZR was following Wiggins, and at the back of the field Alan Smith and Verity Bank were battling it out, Alan was trying everything to get passed Bank’s 106 GTI.
Lap 4 Damian Longotano was trying to get into a position to make a move on Everill. Colin Dunn had a large gap either side of him and appeared to be having a lonely race as he tried to catch the leading pack, Ellis had gotten past Roger and was now trying to catch Colin Dunn.
Lap 5 Damian still had not found away passed and Everill had clawed a bit of breathing space back, Simon Hutching was in the strong 3rd and had pulled away from Mark’s Golf. Andy’s Sierra was motoring in 5th and kicked the tail out as he exited Honda Corner in true RWD Cosworth fashion! Keith Butcher had made it up to 6th and was catching the Sierra Cosworth up.
On lap 6 going into Hatchets the Westfield was breathing down the neck of the Ginetta and had his first attempt to get past, side by side through Spitfires and Debeni and the Ginetta just got nose in front at the crossing. Keith Butcher had now made it up past Andy Williams and was now up into 3rd.
Damian played the cut back at Hatchets on lap 7 and took the lead but was short lived as Everill regained it by the infield section. Alan Smith in the KA and Verity Banks in the 106 were having a race of their own, Alan was desperately trying to find a way past but Verity was defending very well. Ellis Wiggins was catching Colin’s Clio slowly but was gaining ground on him.
On lap 8 Andy Thompson took 5th from Simon Hutchings and continued to chase the Sierra Cosworth, As the front runners came around Honda corner on to lap 9 the Westfield of Longotano was along side Everill’s Ginetta and played the same switch back move and it worked again. Chris had left the door open and the little Westy slipped down the inside into Spitfires, the lead again was short live as Chris used the back markers to his advantage and got back in front at the infield section.
Throughout lap 9 Chris Everill was leading, but was nose to tail with Damian’s Westfield. Chris Everill was making his Ginetta as wide as possible and defending very well, and did not fall for the same switch back move at Hatchets on lap 10.
Thompson and Williams were still going well in 4th and 5th; the Andy’s were having a race of their own, both in similar powered cars that were evenly matched, it was just down to who wanted it more, the Cosworth was holding off the Seat Toledo very well but they were so close that any small error could lose the Cosworth its position!  Andy Williams of Risca was trying very hard to tame that 2.5 litre naturally aspirated Smith & Jones motor he has under the bonnet and suprisingly was keeping the car in a nice smooth straight line, which is a bit alien to Andy, as we all know well that the purple coloured Sierra Cosworth of Williams is only happy when going sideways so Andy was beheaving today, Good Racing Andy!!!
Simon Hutchings in the MX5 was still running well, although the front runners had left him behind, he was in a strong 6th and 1st in Class BS and no one was looking to challenge him for that. As Damian came around Honda side by side with Chris he was now on the inside and pulled a car length down the straight over the Ginetta, Chris then managed to out brake Damian into Hatchet at the start of lap 11 and shut the door on Damian a fantastic bit of racing.
Before you knew it the front pack were back around and entering lap 12, these two gladiators are averaging lap times around the low 1.07s so it does not take them long to get around Pembrey Circuit! The Westfield had the better run out of Honda and took the lead once again, and he played defensive into Hatchets and this time kept the lead. Darren Hockley in  the Honda Civic was running in 9th and Ellis had managed to take 10th from Colin’s Clio.
Damian had pulled a few seconds lead over Chris by the time they started lap 13, and it looked like the Westfield had this one in the bag!  Damian passed back marker Mark Williams on the inside of Debeni, Mark Williams in the Golf GTI who was running in a firm 7th, as Chris Everilll’s Ginetta attempted to pass the Golf of Mark in  the infield section, there was contact between both cars, both cars continued but both with some body work damage.
The damage on both cars was obviously hindering their performance as they both dropped back a bit, Susanne and Darren both passed the Golf of Mark Williams, Chris Everill was able to continue too and as had a comfortable lead over 3rd place Keith Butcher, he just hoped the car would hold up to the end of the race.
As Damian’s Westfield crossed the line to start the last lap, it was sure that all he had to do now was bring it home and after his issues in the first race I bet he was over the moon! Unfortunately Andrew Williams’ MG ZR did not complete the last lap after the car developed a gearbox issue, he retired the car to the pits.
As they crossed the line Damian Longotano took the race win and 1st in class CS, Chris Everill managed to bring the Ginetta home for 2nd and 1st in class D, Keith Butcher had done very well considering he started dead last he finished 3rd overall and 2nd in class CS, Andy Williams, in true Andy fashion, kicked the tail out on the Cosworth on the exit of Honda, then crossed the line 4th overall and 3rd in class CS, after a fantastic race with invitation racer Andy Thompson who finished 5th and 1st in the invitation class.
After Simon Hutchings personal best in first race earlier in the day I am sure he was estatic to take yet another high finish 6th overall and 1st in class BS, also the last competitor to complete 14 laps. Susanne Jones showed us that her years away from the championship have perfected her racing skills, coming in at 7th overall and 2nd in the invitation class, Darren Hockley also in the invitation class was 8th and 3rd in the invitation class.
Mark Williams managed to limp the Golf home and managed 9th overall and 4th in class CS, Ellis Wiggins had a good race with Colin and finished 10th and 2nd in class BS, Colin Dunn bought the Clio across the line after a faultless race for 11th and 1st in class BT, Roger Dowden even without 4th gear was still out competing and enjoying the Davrian he came in 12th and 1st in class AS.
Verity Banks was 13th after a grueling race defending from Alan Smith for all 12 laps that they completed, Verity was 2nd in class BT, Alan Smith brought the IDGAF racing KA home for 14th overall and 1st in class AT. Alan has enjoyed his racing in 2018 thanks to the continued support of M.B.C. Groundworks, The Wheel Restorer, and new sponsor Rock Oil, and the backing of all concerned with Idgaf Racing
Although the weather was not the best at times, overall I found it was a fantastic weekend, and the racing was very exciting to watch. Well we have come to the end of the season and i already can not wait for the 2019 season, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting the championship and keeping alive what makes the WSSCC so great. Without you Guys/ Girls, Fans and of course all of the Orange Army our championship would not be what it is today. I look forward to many more race meetings with all of you.
Now on to 2019, if you are coming to the AGM/Championship Conference this year please feel free to speak up and share any ideas or concerns as without your voice we can not improve the championship for the future, also please come to the awards night as it is set to be a spectacular evening. I look forward to the 2019 season hopefully we will see all our regulars and a few new faces around the paddock, get building them competition cars and remember you dont need to be Welsh to join in the Fun.
NIck Rocke.




Time Attack Race meeting -August 2018

The hot, dry and sunny days of the heatwave summer seem long gone. Although there have been some dry days since Donington, in typical motorsport fashion, come the weekend of the WSSCC rounds 9 & 10 at Pembrey, it started raining again! This was our first weekend organised by the ‘Time Attack’ championship. Time Attack is a Production car sprint based championship, seemingly based on a flying lap, rather than a standing start! They had invited a Scooter based championship, i.e think high performance Lambretta & Vespa based 2 stroke machines, the Irish Global Lights, and us. As Time Attack had booked 2 days, they raced on the ‘new’ longer circuit on Saturday, which gave us the luxury of a race on the ‘Old’ Classic circuit on the Sunday (the 2nd  time this year).

The Entry & Practice. Practice started on a wet track, after some early morning rain, and whilst we might have hoped for a good sized grid, we were missing several cars, some with damage from Donington, some with damage from other places, and two withdrew with engine woes, which sadly included Mike Moss mate Mark Nicholson, who blew his new engine during a mid-week 10 lap test at Donington!

In the event Chris Everill (Ginetta G50) took Pole with a time of 65.713. Mike Moss took the Class BT Pole and  was really on it and was 2nd fastest! Keith Butcher was 3rd and on the Class CS pole, with Damian Longotano 4th.

Simon Hutchings and Mark Williams were on the 3rd row, while Colin Dunn (BT pole) and Mark Williams were on row 4. Gareth Haycock (now in Class CS) and Andrew Williams (now the Class BT leader after Donny Park)  were on row 5. Blake Edwards & Roger Dowden were on row 6. Completing the entry, were the Luffarelli pair of Verity Banks and Melissa Luffarelli. Verity was again driving Tyrones’ spare Peugeot 106, with Tyrone on hand with the spanners. Melissa was in her usual motorbike engine Mini. Gareth Haycocks’ engine sounded like it had a misfire, and there was plenty of assistance on hand from Damian and with GMS on the phone, it seemed like a fix had been found.

The race 15 minutes plus 1 lap – rolling start

Damian puts Chris under pressure

In between the early practice and race 1 (WSSCC round 9) the rain/drizzle stopped, and the Time Attack practice plus the Scooters  & the Irish Global Lights races had put a dry line on the track. So everyone who had the choice, was on slicks. At the start Chris Everill took the early lead, from Damian Longotano. Mike Moss seemed to be taking the wide line out of Debeni, which let Keith Butcher through into 3rd place. Chris began to pull a couple of seconds lead on Damian, but by lap 5 he had Damian right on his tail and looking for a way past! Keith Butcher seemed secure in 3rd place and Mike Moss settled into 4th place, and the Class BS lead. Behind them there was a bunch, headed by Mark Williams’ Golf who had Simon Hutchings for close company throughout, and Gareth Haycock and Ellis Wiggins were also having a good battle. That is until Gareth pulled into the pits with a seized engine! Colin Dunn and Andrew 88 Williams were having a close battle early on, with a gap to Roger Dowden, then Melissa, Verity and after a mystery spin, Blake Edwards! Simon got by Mark but faced a long chase to try and catch the Class BS leader Mike Moss. Eventually Simonwhas passed by the leaders which put him a lap down.  Late in the race Mike began to close on Keith Butcher as Keiths’ tyres began to fade. Keith had enough in hand and crossed the line in 3rd place with Mike 5 seconds behind and the last person on 16 Laps. Keith had enough in hand and crossed the line in 3rd place with Mike in 4th just 5 seconds behind and the last person on 16 Laps.

At the front Chris & Damian were having the dice of the race, passing & repassing each other on virtually every lap! Eventually Damian got by and was able to make use of back-markers to break the tow and pulled away to win by 8 seconds from Chris, and earned himself the ‘Driver of the Race’ award.

Simon Hutchins was 5th with Mark Williams 6th.  Ellis Wiggins was 7th and only a few seconds ahead of Melissa Luffarelli who must have run Damian close for Driver of the Day award with stirring drive to 8th place from the back row. Colin Dunn was 9th but some way ahead of Andrew 88 Williams. However Andrew had a shock late on when Roger Dowden seemed to find some speed and then passed Andrew for 10th place and then hung on to take the place by 3 seconds! ‘Roger seems to make a late burst at lot of the time’  Blake got himself going and passed Verity to finish 12th. Verity got another race under her belt and was close to her best time ever although the 106 has a smaller engine than her old MG.

There were plenty of ‘Joker’ cards played in both races.

Race 2 – 15 minutes plus 1 lap – rolling start

By the time the grid formed up for race 2 it was dry with some glimpses of blue sky! Mark Williams, who cant be beaten in Class CT, took the chance to run on slicks and moved into Class CS! The grid didn’t have any surprises, apart from the absence of Gareth, but there was a surprise at Hatchets when Ellis Wiggins spun in front of the pack! This caused chaos,  with cars trying to avoid the spinning Nova. Inevitably there was some contact, and Tyrones’ car (driven by Verity) took some panel damage!  The rest of the grid was long gone, before Ellis got going again, and from there it was a long chase back to finish in 7th place! We was awarded the ‘Driver of the Race’ for his efforts

At the front, first few laps were a repeat of race 1 with Chris taking the lead and Damian chasing. Keith was in 3rd place throughout and Mike Moss was 4th. Behind them Mark Williams was again locked in battle with Simon Hutchins. That is until the later stages, when Mark made a ‘Sebastain Vettel’ type of mistake, and went wide onto the grass at Senna! Unfortunately, although the track was dry, the grass was wet, very wet, and Mark found his slicks no use, as he found himself boating some distance into the barrier, where the impact areas of the Golf came into play, and although it looked a big impact, Mark was able to get out ok. The front of the Golf looked very second hand though!  Back in race, Damian was pressing Chris and after setting the fastest lap of the race passed Chris for the lead. Just to emphasise Damians’ pace his fastest lap of 60.766  was only .005 (i.e 5 thousands) slower than the Class CS lap record (which is held by Jason Davies and stands at 60.761)! Chris kept Damian in sight and he was less than 5 seconds behind at the end!

Behind them, Keith brought his Seat Cupra into 3rd place, but Mike Moss put some late pressure on, with his fastest lap on lap 14 and closed to just 1 second behind at the end, and in 4th place was the last driver on 16 laps! Simon Hutchins was 5th ahead of Melissa who was 6th. Behind them Roger Dowden headed a tight bunch including Colin Dunn, Blake Edwards, Andy Williams and the recovering Ellis Wiggins! They treated us to some excellent midfield action! Eventually after a late race surge by all 4 drivers, Colin got past Roger, but they were both overtaken by Ellis, on his way to 7th place. Colin was 8th but only 1.5 seconds ahead of Roger. Andrew was 10th and was the last driver on 14 laps.  Blake Edwards faded away with fuel surge to finish 11th ahead of Verity in 12th! At the end Mark Williams car was recovered, with some heavy front end damage. As it would be a problem fitting into Marks covered trailer, Gareth stepped forward and a swap was done, with Gareths car in Marks rig and Marks damaged car on Gareths open trailer. A nice example of WSSCC co-operation!

So the last race of the day was one of the WSSCC classics, but it’s just a shame we didn’t have a few more drivers take advantage of the opportunity.  Times

October Preview

With only the 2 races on October 14th at Pembrey left, after all the points have been added up it should show that whilst Mike Moss is nailed on for the overall title and Simon Hutchins for 2nd – 3rd is still wide open with just a few points between Andrew Williams, Colin Dunn and Damian Longatono! The same is true of 6,7 & 8th with Blake Edwards, Ellis Wiggins and Tyrone Luffarelli all in contention! In the Classes, Blake. Ellis and Tyrone are also close for 3rd in Class BS.  In Class CS Damian Longatano is certain to win the class, but there are 6 drivers who are in with a shout of all the other places! So we should have a full CS entry for October with Keith Butcher, Nick Crompton Jim Lyons, Andy Williams, Gareth Haycock and Ken James all in with a shout!

Whilst Mark Williams will take Class CT and Chris Everill will take Class D, in  Class BT Andrew Williams holds a 3 point lead over Colin Dunn, also in Class M Melissa Luffarelli leads with 100 points, whilst her dad Fabio has just 60! So reliability will be the key on October 14th!



Donington Park Report  – July 29th 2018

Jason tames wet n dry Donington Park – Chris Everill upholds WSSCC honour!

July 2018 will go down in the history books as a month of record high temperatures and a complete lack of rain, until Sunday 29th July that is! Actually Donington was on the edge of the rain band that swept the country, so whilst there was some rain, it was never as bad as some areas, and the racing never seemed in doubt!

The Entry and Practice – There were 33 cars on the track in what was the biggest grid of the year! (If some of the late with-drawls had made it we would have a record entry) There were a welcome number of guest drivers in the ‘Invitation Class’ (Class I) some returnees and plenty of regulars!

In the event it was one of our own drivers, Jason Davies, who took Pole Position in the wet practice session with a time of 1.25.842 (0.231 clear of the 2nd place man) It was Jasons first race of the year, and he entered Class I, as he was so busy getting the car ready, he had not registered for points!  2nd fastest was the quick guest Dave Cockell with a standard looking Mk 6 Ford Escort, that was the classic ‘Wolf in Sheeps clothing’. On the second row was another guest Mike Cutt with a wild looking BMW E26 M3  but he was joined by Chris Everill who was the first of the WSSCC points scorers.  Another guest Paul Wollfit was 5th but he was joined by Fabio Luffarelli, the 2nd of the WSSCC points scorers!

As the full grid is on TSL, (including our guests, who we decided to split into Class IA for the fastest cars, Class IB for 2 litre  Fwd cars and Class IB for the 1.6 cars),  I’ll concentrate on the WSSCC entries. Mike Moss, the current points leader was 9th in his Class CS Caterham, and was full of the delights of driving an open top car in the rain. ‘My Racesuit is soaked through and as I haven’t got another I just hope it dries out before the race.’  In 15th was Mark Williams, clearly at home in the wet. In 16th was Ellis Wiggins, the 2nd CS car, then a guest driver, and then Simon Hutchins (3rd in CS) then another guest driver, and then in 20th place, was Nick Rocke! Nick was closely followed, in 21st Place by Colin Dunn (Class BT). Then another guest driver and in 23rd  place was Gareth Haycock, who was re-united with his V6 Golf, and had now moved into Class CS and took Pole for the class as Damian Longatano was languishing down in 28th after being plagued by a lack of grip. Actually he was behind Darren Hockley (a Class IB Contender) in 26th and Andy 88 Williams in 27th, but they were all due for a boost after 2 of our guests pulled out, leaving some empty spaces on the Grid,  Daniel McKay, and Jasver Sapra. Jas lost his wing of his BMW in Practice, and as he is 2nd in Kuhmo Tyres championship, decided some discretion was best for him. (Shame that because he was a very late entry and I was hoping to say hello to both him and Daniel).

Tight behind Damian was Melissa Lufarelli (29th) , and then Blake Edwards (30th). Blake managed to set a time on his 2nd lap, which is just as well, as he spent the rest of the session throwing his Clio at the scenery! First he went into the gravel trap (aka ‘the Kitty litter’) at Redgate and had to manoeuvred back on the track by the Redgate snatch vehicle! Not content with that he went off again, near the end of the session! ‘The tyres I had were just a semi sort of wet and weren’t up to it!’  Karl Mason was our last guest ahead of Verity Banks, who was 32nd driving Tyrone Luffarellis spare car. (Tyrone was on hand to support Verity) Alan Smith was 33rd and the last WSSCC point scorer in the Ford Ka!


Race 1 -15 mins plus 1 lap – rolling start

Jason Davies chases Mike Cutt to the line

In between practice and the race, the rain showers eased and then came back, and driven by a strong wind, it made the track truly wet! So there was no dilemma as to what tyres to use! 

As the grid made it’s way back to the start-line, front row man Dave Cockell drove straight into the pit-line and then the paddock, with a lack of turbo power after a pipe had come adrift!

This left Jason on his own as he lead the pack down into Redgate for the first time. Jason looked to be in his element and began to build a 7 second lead over Mike Cutt. But more on that story later!

3rd & 4th on the road was Chris Everill and Fabio Luffarelli but Chris began to draw away as the they came up to lap, the back markers which included Melissa Luffarelli who was having a big struggle that unfortunately lasted all race long!  Melissa could only manage 8 laps in the end, but at least she finished! We had already lost 3 of our guests, Dave Cockell, Rick Jessop and John Dee, when late on Colin Dunn also was a DNF! ‘ I was overdriving due to a misfire and spun into the gravel at Craner.  More on that story later

On 9 laps Blake Edwards was 26th Karl Mason was 25th and Verity Banks was a respectable 24th with Alan Smith in a great 23rd place. Andrew Williams was 22nd and Simon Hutchins was 21st and but for a last lap spin, in front of Damian Longotano, was look to stay on 10 laps and was in 7th place for a lot of the time. Later he commented ‘Despite learning that I’m not very good in the rain, had a great time at Donington, and thanks very much for all the close but safe driving (and for dodging me when I span, twice…. especially Damian!!.

Most of the rest of the grid was on 10 laps! From 5th to 10th place was a gaggle of guest cars, with Kirk Armitage in his BMW M3 who put in an excellent drive to pull up from 11th place and was given the ‘Driver of the Race’ award for his entertaining drive! (Which went down well with Kirk and his 3 little children!) In 6th Place was David Jones (Ford Focus) who was the Class IB winner and Paul Woolfit 7th (Lotus Excige) and 8th Scott Hubel (Peugeot 205T)

In 9th place was WSSCC scorer Mark Williams and his immaculate Class CT winning VW, with Mike Moss 10th and the Class BS winner. Mike had a good grid position, but lost a lot of places at the start, when he couldn’t get a gear! Mike had a good dice with Mark with Simon Hutchins early on, but later with guests Gary Bowers and Darren Moon and Ellis Wiggins who also in the mix, and was 13th! Nick Rocke was 14th, and had switched back to Class BT , and took the BT win, after Colin Dunns faux pas! Gareth Haycock was 15th and was justifiably proud of his regenerated VW V6 Golf! Gareth had switched to Class CS and he was a Class Winner on his debut! Gareth was at the head of a ducking & diving bunch of guest drivers including Darren Hockley! In 20th place was Damian Longatano the last driver on 10 laps.

Back at the front Jason Davies had drawn out a 7 second lead over Mike Cutts’ BMW M3. Chris Everill was 3rd in his 69 red Ginetta G50 and Fabio was 4th in car 70, and was the last driver to complete 11 laps!  As Jason looked on his way to a race one win, he came across a gaggle of backmarkers, just as Colin Dunn spun into the gravel! The yellow flags came out and that forced Jason to back off! This gave the advantage of Mike Cutt, who was able to catch Jason, and did a slingshot past as they passed out of the ‘Yellow’ zone! Mike put the hammer down and tried to draw away, but Jason responded and set the races fastest lap on final lap of the race, and was only 0.194 behind at the chequered Flag!

We had the lunch break after the end of the race and shortly after the rain lessened, (although the wind didn’t!) We had planned to use the Aston Martin marquee to do the prize-giving, but due to weather they decided not to erect it!  Due to the prospect of more rain later it was decided to walk around & deliver the Race 1 Awards.


Race 2 -15 mins plus 1 lap – rolling start

By the time of our 2nd race of the day the rain had largely eased and the wind was having a dry effect and with 3 races on track before our race, it seemed that a dry line was showing.

Shortly after the start we lost one of guests and Colin Dunn, ‘We hadn’t fixed the electrical gremlins and the engine cut out on the first corner. So far we’ve found duff battery, alternator and some loose wiring to a relay. I’m very disappointed with the result as I was making great progress in race 1. I love the wet conditions and I was having great fun racing amongst the big grid. I don’t get much luck when we travel to the East Midlands. I had a double dnf at Mallory last year too.

Colin was starting from the back, along with the other DNF finishers, 3 guests including Jon Dee, Rick Jessop and the very rapid Dave Cockell! For Jason the priority was to build a big enough lead, to keep himself out of reach of a late challenge from Dave! Jason banged in an early series of quick laps to establish a lead over race 1 winner Mike Cutt, who was 2nd. Chris Everill was 3rd and he had Kirk Armitage and Fabio for close company. However Fabios race didn’t last long this time, as he pulled off with the Corrado on Fire! ‘The marshals were on the scene quickly and not only put the fire out, but sprayed powder over me and my helmet as well as the car!’ Fabios problem let guest driver Scott Hubel have a run on to Chris Everill, but Chris was out of reach! . Dave Cockell was already on the move and was up to 6th by lap 2! Also on the move was Damian Longotano and they came on Mike Moss who became sandwiched between Damian & Jon Llanon and his Citroen Saxo. Meanwhile Mark Williams had made an excellent start and was dicing with guest Gary Bowers when they were joined by the Damian, Jon & Mike trio! At the end Damian was 7th with Mike Moss 8th  and closely followed across the line by Guest driver Gary Bowers! Damian was  1st in Class CT & Mike was 1st in CS.  Mark Williams was 10th and the CT winner. Simon Hutchins was 13th, with Darren Hockley 14th and Ellis Wiggins 15th only a second behind. The dicing Yorkshire Mini Miglia duo of Darren Moon & Rick Jessop had a race long dice to 15th & 16th Gareth Haycock was 17th. In 20th place Andrew Williams found his himself winning Class BT, after Nick Rocke became the final retirement. Nick was pushing on well, when he found he had trouble getting all his gears, which escalated into a complete lack of drive, when he was almost within sight of the line. Nick thought that it might be the output shaft that may have broken! Melissa was 21st , and the Class M winner, after a big dice with Blake Edwards. Verity was 23rd after passing Alan Smith who was the final finisher in 24th place. All the while at the front Jason was lapping so quickly that it was hard to check on the rest of the field!

Jason was leading from Mike Cutt, Kirk Armitage and Chris Everill. By lap 10 Dave Cockell had joined them. Armitage and Chris Everill were almost joined together, but as if it meant to remind us, it started to drizzle again!

Dave Cockell took advantage and leapfrogged Chris &Kirk, to put pressure on Mike Cutt. Dave was pushing like mad and he passed Mike on the last lap and threw everything into trying to catch Jason. However it was all in vain as Jason romped home with a 24 second advantage at the cheqeured flag!  So Jason took the race win, with guest drivers 1st, 2nd & 3rd Chris Everill in 4th the first WSSCC points scorer!

After Jason said ‘It’s a bit of shame that Dave wasn’t on the front row for this race as I’m sure it would have been interesting!’ Even so Jason was justly awarded ‘Driver of the Race’

The rain seemed to be back as hard as ever, as we went around to deliver the awards, and later Alan & Mike made an early exit as they both had got soaked for the second time! It was only then that we found out it was Alans birthday! Happy birthday mate!

Packing up was a bit of chore for some! Mike Moss had to ‘bin’ his gazebo as it collapsed under the strain, despite the help from a few willing hands.  In typical motorsport fashion, on the way home the rain stopped, and the sun came out!

Later we had a chorus of emails giving us some great feedback from our guest drivers such as this one. ‘Absolutely loved the racing, it was a great family day out. Everyone at the club and in the paddock was approachable and friendly. On track, all the racers seemed to be aware of the conditions and drove to them and if being lapped were very observant, which was a revelation’

So we certainly made a great number of new friends, who would be looking to support us when we go back to Donington. That’s a ‘when’ not an ‘if’


2018 WSSCC rounds 5 & 6 held on Sunday June 10th. 

The long period of hot sunny weather which started weeks ago, held long enough to cover the 2018 WSSCC rounds 5 & 6 held on Sunday June 10th.  For the first time in almost 2 years, after a number of pleas, and after some brilliant ‘behind the scenes’ work by Alan Jenkins, we were racing on the original ‘Classic’ circuit!

There was some desperate work by some people to get cars sorted out to enjoy this rare chance with us, but we had only 15 entries, including Nick Rocke in his re-engined Ford Fiesta now with a Duratec engine. Sadly Verity Banks couldn’t join us as her new Ford Focus now seems to have sprung another leak and the car was a little short of brakes, and its not ready to join us yet! One bonus for Verity and the all the others missing is that Donington Park is 6 weeks away, and must be a goal that everybody can aim for! Actually, we were still the biggest grid of the meeting, apart from the Citroën C1’s (They were so quiet you hardly knew they were racing)

Entry – Joining us after missing a few races was Roger Dowden. Andy Williams returned with his Ford Sierra Sapphire. Alan Smith, having bent the Ka in the first race in April, had heroically straightened the battered Ford Ka, but plans a re-shell before Donington! Keith Butcher turned up with a nice looking Seat Cupra. The car was in Endro racing trim with long range tanks, brakes and tyres and may take some work to get it set up for the shorter races. Blake Edwards returned to the scene of his former triumphs with his Renault Clio now re-chipped following some good advice from Nick Rocke, on where to get the car checked after Oulton Park.

Practice was an early affair, and when the timesheets were issued, it was Fabio Luffarelli on Pole position with his VW Corrado with a time of 1.02.284! Next and only.016 slower was Damian Longotano (Westfield Class CS). Mike Moss (Class BS Caterham)  was 4th fastest, 0.377 ahead of his Class BS rival Tyrone Luffarelli (Pug 106). Keith Butcher, now in Class CS with his Seat was joined on row 3 by Andy Williams with his Class CS Ford Sierra Sapphire. Simon Hutchins & Mark Williams were on row 4  On row 5 Colin Dunn (Class BT Clio) was joined by Roger Dowden (Class AS Davrian) who separated the Class BT pair of Nick Rocke & Andrew 88 Williams (MG ZR) Completing the Grid were Blake Edwards & Alan Smith on row 7.

Now that looks like 14 cars!  We should have had Ken James on the practice sheets, but he was missing after he had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ when the zip on his fireproof overalls split just as he got to the holding paddock, and he was not allowed out for the official practice session!   He was able to make the grid for Race 1 after borrowing a set of Fireproof overalls.

Race 1 (Round 5) 15 minutes plus a lap. Rolling start

Race 1 -Lap 1 Fabio leads (action photos by Steve Williams)

Although the original ‘Classic’ circuit, is shorter, it’s quicker by some degree. And the commentator dubbed the WSSCC ‘as the Quickest cars you’ll see all day!  So as the grid came around towards the lights, Fabio took the lead out of Hatchets from Damian, then a fast starting Tyrone, Andy Williams, Keith Butcher and Mike Moss.

However at the start of lap 2 Damian had passed Fabio who was trailing some oil smoke! Sadly the cloud of smoke increased until Fabio was forced to quit on lap 3 rather than risk the engine any more. Afterwards it appeared that an oil breather pipe had come off, but Fabio had brought the Mini along too, and as Melissa was away at Uni, he had a ready to go spare for race 2! Damian was now well in the lead but as Fabio dropped back, it was briefly Fabio & Tyrone 2nd & 3rd, but Keith Butcher got hold of the Seat, and passed Tyrone for 2nd place. Tyrone ran in 3rd place for a good 5 laps more, until first Andy Williams and then Ken James passed him, and he dropped towards Mike Moss! Tyrone & Mike then had a tremendous dice for the Class BS honours which lasted for many laps, until Mike got by late on, and set the Class Fastest Lap on lap 12 to eke out a lead, to win Class BS by almost 5 seconds.

Ken James, who had driven from the back in his Loco-Hornet to rise to 4th place, dropped out on lap 8! Unfortunately he had a surprise and un-welcome visitor when Rod-ney popped out to see him! In other words Ken had a potentially expensive engine blow-up when a Con-rod popped out of the block! ‘I hope the head hasn’t suffered any damage as that’s the really expensive bit!’

Simon Hutchings and Mark Williams had quiet-ish races to 6th & 7th overall but behind them it was all go! Initially Colin Dunn was in the lead of Class BT with Nick Rocke getting used to his car in race trim. But that all changed when Colin made a mistake at the far end of the circuit, and had a big off, but prevented major damage with a spectacular save, which impressed everyone who saw it! Unfortunately he had damaged his front splitter, and by the time he had gathered it all up, Nick Rocke was past into the Class BT lead, setting the Classes fastest lap in the process. Colin made major effort to catch and repass Nick, but Nick resisted a last lap challenge to take 8th place by just ½ second!

Roger Dowden had a quiet race to 10th place, but behind him, Andrew Williams and Blake Edwards were having a real dice! Andrew held sway in the first few laps, but then Blake began to find his feet and started to put the pressure on Andrew, overtaking him and pulling a gap, until Blake began to slow dramatically and then pulled off the circuit, handing 11th place back to Andrew and his trusty MG ZR!  Blake confirmed afterwards ‘I ran out of petrol. I’ve had the car Chipped and I miscalculated the petrol consumption” Alan Smith had a quiet r\ace to 12th place. So Damian Longotano took his 2nd race win of the year, but Keith Butcher found Andy Williams making a big last lap effort and took 2nd place by just ½ second!

In the post-race interviews Damian confirmed ‘I was lucky Fabio had those issues, he’s a good driver and I didn’t think I was going to get past’ Keith confirmed that Andy gave him a hard battle. ‘It was good fun, that’s what we’re down here for, isn’t it !’ Colin Dunn was awarded ‘Driver of the Race’ for his epic early race ‘save’ Nick Rocke confirmed ‘I thought he was going to crash!’

Hear the end-of-race one interviews

n the lunch break, everyone signed a Sympathy Card for Nick Crompton, who dad died recently. Nicks dad won the Welsh Autograss Championship some time ago, and was known to a few, including our Scrutineer Vince Brown. It was also nice to see some old friends, some of whom were doing the C1 race, and they were not enjoying themselves as much as we wer!. You can always come back to us lads

To Mangle Shakespere (as I sometimes do),from Henry V ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, who raced on the Old Circuit, Those did not turn out shall think themselves accursed they were not here’

Race 2 (Round 6) 15 minutes plus a lap. Rolling start

 Fabio did switch to the Moto Mini, and would start from the back as he had a DNF in Race 1, but the big shock was to see Tyrone leave the grid and drive into the pit-lane, before the start of the Green Flag lap! Tyrone explained ‘I could smell fuel in the car, so pulled in to check it out. Cleaned it up and went out!’ So as the grid came up to start-line to start the race, Tyrone joined in after the last car had passed the end of the pit-lane!  His dad Fabio was off like a rocket and was up to 5th place as the cars passed the paddock! Although he would continue his rise, he was adjudged to have jumped the start, and was given a 10 second penalty!

Damian took an immediate lead from a fast starting Mike Moss, and then there was a big dice between Andy Williams, Keith Butcher and the fast rising Fabio!  By lap 3 Fabio passed Mike to move into second place. Mike and Andy had a dice after Keith Butcher made an early exit from the race with no grip from the tyres that came with the car.

However whilst Fabio started to harass Damian for the lead, Mike Moss, the Class BS leader seemed to have a second or so gap to Andy Williams, who proved to be a handy Cushion between Mike and Tyrone Luffarelli who having started form the pit-lane drove well to finish in 5th  place overall and 2nd in Class BS, but. Mike won Class BS again, and also added the extra point for the class fastest lap!


Simon Hutchings had a quiet race to finish in 6th Place, after Jason Davies had fettled the Mazdas’ exhaust, that is!  Mark Williams also had a good run to 7th overall and was the last car on the same lap as the leader!

Colin Dunn, whose car looked very smart with some new livery, was holding a narrow lead in Class BT from Nick Rocke in the early laps, but suddenly Colin began to fall back. He fell behind Nick, Roger Dowden, Blake Edwards and Andrew Williams, and almost fell into the clutches of Alan Smith. Clearly something was wrong and after the race Colin explained ‘My throttle jammed part on! I was having to stay slow enough to be able to stop for the corners!’ In the end Nick Rocke was 8th overall and took the Class BT win and the extra point for the class fastest lap! Roger Dowden had a quiet race to 9th place overall. In 10th Place was Blake Edwards, proving there’s life in the ‘Old Dog’ yet! Blake had slowly built up his pace, after starting at the back due to his first race dnf, and was closing on Andrew Williams, and overtook him in the closing laps! Andrew finished in 11th place, ahead of Colin Dunn and Alan Smith, who both plugged away to rake in more points!

At the front, Damian & Fabio where having a fine dice for the lead, and swapped places a few times, before Fabio took the lead ‘On the Road!’ It looked exciting stuff, but Damian revealed later he had seen the 10 second penalty board with Fabios’ number on it, so he knew he only had to keep him in sight, to take his 2nd win of the day! Fabio overcame his penalty to finish 2nd and also take the ‘Driver of the Race’ award for his drive from the back row!

Hear the end-of-race two interviews

N.B as it is some time since the  old ‘Classic circuit’ has been used, the existing lap records for the circuit were all set some time ago.

Class Fastest laps
Class 2015 Lap Record Date set
AT Sam Summerhayes 67.000 16/08/2015
AS Craig Freeman 67.149 30/06/2013
BT Paul Flinders 68.641 20/10/2013
BS Jim Lyons 64.952 05/10/2014
CS Martin Davies 61.415 05/08/2012
CT Kevin Bird 68.404 05/08/2012
D Keith White 60.441 05/8/20112
M Mike Cond 60.872 30/06/2013

The remaining dates in the 2018 Championship are as follows

Round   Date                          Circuit

7 & 8          July 29th                     Donington Park            AMOC

9 & 10        August 19th                Pembrey                        BARC

11 & 12      October 14th               Pembrey                       BARC

Photos of the action and prizegiving on Facebook

Results from TSL Timing –

Full details are on

WSSCC rounds 3/4 Oulton Park Circuit. Race reports by Nick Rocke 

The Saturday morning brought a dry but cold start at Oulton Park Race Circuit, it also brought some bad news Chris Everill was unable to race due to having engine problems the day before in testing, Verity Banks’ new race car was not ready in time, so we were at 14 competitors going into Qualifying.

Simon Hutching had also been having car problems his exhaust had snapped in testing the Friday before, fortunately for Simon there was a custom exhaust center local to Oulton Park who agreed to open up at 7am to fix his damaged exhaust proving not all heroes wear capes.

We were joined by a selection of Invitation drivers some new faces, Patrick Smyth with his Millington powered Lotus Elan S3, Mike Nash in a Seat Cupra, Mark Jones and Steve Cunniffe were sharing car #98 another Seat Cupra, each driver was doing one race each, and were both also driving in the GT challenge. There was one familiar face Greg Barlow in the beautiful Mk1 Escort, Greg joined us last year at the Oulton Park rounds.

A past champion, Blake Edwards was ready to race his first race in 25  years, Blake has decided to make a return to racing this season. Blake was the very first WSSCC champion in 1991 & 1992, back then he was racing a Ford Capri, now Blake is sporting a MK2 Renault Clio 182 sport, he was looking forward to getting stuck into the thick of it again after a very successful test session at Llandow Circuit earlier in the year, with all of Blakes experience and a well prepared car he will be one to watch this season.


By the time qualifying came around the weather had brightened up there were clouds in the sky but the forecast was looking to be a nice dry day. With fewer drivers on our grid at Oulton Park this season it gave more room for drivers to really push for the best possible qualifying times.

By lap 3 Patrick Smyth had secured pole position with a time of 1.52.98 which was almost 4 seconds clear of 2nd place competitor Mark Jones, Mike Nash grasped 3rd on the grid from Fabio Luffarelli by two tenths of a second, Fabio was not in his usual bike engine powered Corrado he was actually borrowing his daughter’s (Mellisa Luffarelli) Bike Engined MIni.

Mike Moss was sat in a very respectable 5th place and also 1st in class BS in his Caterham, by the looks of it he was going to keep our current WSSCC champion Tyrone Luffareli honest. Tyrone was running in 6th and had his work cut out to try get past Mike Moss. Simon Hutchings with his newly repaired exhaust was going strong and almost matched Tyrone’s qualifying time.

Daryl Radford was 8th in his Honda Civic but unfortunately sheered a aluminum mount for a auxiliary belt pulley, despite trying to source a welder or someone local to repair it he was left with the only other option which was to retire the car for the meeting and enjoy a bit of spectating. Greg Barlow in the fabulous Mk1 Escort was 9th on the grid with class BT Colin Dunn snapping at his heels in 10th.

Ellis Wiggins in the Vauxhall Nova was in 11th and Andrew Williams in the MG ZR was in 12th, Gareth Haycocks Qualifying session was rather eventful as he tried to get used to the Car he had rented for the weekend, Gareth had problems keeping the grip through the rear end of the Smokey diesel VW Golf, he may have had a few nail biting moments but he managed to keep the car out of the Armco, he later found that the tyres that came with the car were no good and changed to his alternative set and this rectified the problem. Gareth has been slowly rebuilding his V6 powered VW Golf since a nasty accident at Mallory Park in 2017, he is approaching the end of the rebuild but to satisfy his craving for motorsport he decided to support the championship by renting one of the Grant Motorsport cars for this weekend, we look forward to seeing his V6 beast back out with us hopefully this season.

Blake Edwards had qualified in 14th and last on the grid. Blake was still getting used to the new car and was getting quicker lap by lap, he was enjoying pushing the car around the fantastic circuit that is Oulton Park, he had not driven round it for many years.

Race 1 (Round 3)

The grid gets ready for the Green Flag lap. Patrick Smiths red Lotus Elan was on pole! (photo by Rob Allender)

The rolling start was far from perfect as the lights were a little late going out but they all got away safely, Tyrone Luffarelli jumped straight in 4th from 6th taking 1st in class position from Mike Moss, Fabio was up into 2nd by the end of lap one, Patrick Smyth had pulled away massively by the end of lap one and had a huge 8 second lead over 2nd place Fabio. Mark Jones had dropped to 5th off the line and was waiting for his chance to pass Tyrone’s 106.

Number 17 Gareth Haycock had got past Ellis Wiggins in the Nova but it was short lived as Ellis regained the position on lap 2. By lap 2 Patrick Smyth’s lead over the pack had grown to 10 seconds, Mike Nash had managed to pass Fabio Luffarelli and Mark Jones was passed Tyrone and up into 4th, Now Mike Moss could focus on trying to get that Ford Sigma powered Caterham past Tyrones Pug 106 they were less than a second from each other the whole lap but Tyrone was leaving no doors open for Mike to squeeze through. Simon Hutchings MX5 was running in 3rd in class BS but couldn’t quite keep up with the battling pair in front.

The pack stayed the same until lap 5 when the racing started to get you off your seat and watching in anticipation, Mark Jones had taken 3rd place from Fabio’s Mini and was now hunting 2nd place Mike Nash, Tyrone Luffarelli was under some serious pressure from Mike Moss, who’s Caterham is far lighter than the Pug 106 and has far better braking due to this lightness. I imagine Tyrone had to keep his defense very tight to fend off Mike Moss.

This competitiveness continued further back in the pack as Ellis Wiggins had been trying hard to get past Class BT driver Colin Dunn, Simon Hutching was going well but although putting in some very consistent lap times he could still not catch up with the BS battle between Tyrone and Moss.

Greg Barlow was also very consistent and was still running in 9th overall, now that car will make any blue oval fan weak at the knees, absolutely spectacular seeing the pinto powered Mk1 Escort being put through its paces the way it should be. Andy Williams was hanging in there and holding off Haycocks Derv propelled golf. Blake Edwards was running at the back but was enjoying his first race none the less.

Mark Jones set the new invitation class lap record for Oulton Park with a time of 1:54.409 in his Seat Cupra, well done Mark Jones.

On lap 6  Mike Moss made his move and grabbed hold of 1st in class BS Tyrone Luffarelli was trying to regain the position so Mike Moss had his work cut out to retain his position. Patrick Smyth was still running in first and had a comfortable lead so just needed to finish, Ellis Wiggins was still fighting to get past Class BT Colin Dunn in his Renault Clio 172, Ellis had and fantastic 7th lap and took another 3 seconds off his lap time, this hard work paid off as he was now in front of Colin’s Clio.

As they all came through Lodge corner on the final lap there were some who took it right to the line Moss and Tyrone Luffarelli drag raced to the line but it was too late, Mike Moss had taken his first class win of the season.

The finishing order was Patrick Smyth taking the overall race win and 1st in class I with a gigantic 14.1 second lead. Mark Jones 2nd overall and 2nd in class I, Mike Nash in 3rd overall and 3rd in class I, Fabio Luffarelli brought the Mini in 4th and 1st class M.

Mike Moss in 5th and 1st in class BS Mike also played his Joker so will receive double points for this round also had fastest lap in class, Tyrone Luffarelli in 6th and 2nd in class BS, Simon Hutchings in 7th after a very lonely race but retained 3rd in class BS, Greg Barlow drove that Mk1 beautifully all race, he started in 8th and finished in 8th and also 4th in class I.

Ellis Wiggins brought the Nova home in one piece or so we thought later to find he had broken yet another drive shaft/ CV joint,9th overall and 4th in class BS he drove amazingly and finally conquered Oulton Park. After last years issues I am sure he was one happy guy. Colin Dunn came 10th  and 1st in class BT and was also the last competitor to complete 8 laps.

Blake Edwards gets the ‘Driver of the Race’ award from MC Nick (photo by Rob Allender)

Andrew Williams brought his MG ZR home in 11th and in 2nd in class BT, Gareth Haycock tamed the Derv powered golf and kept it on the black stuff to come 12th and 1st in CT.

Blake Edwards drove that Clio Sport to the limit and came 13th  and 5th in BS, Blake was also awarded ‘Driver of the Race’ as he showed us there is still hope for Robert Allender’s return to racing, watch this space!

 Photos of the action and prizegiving on Facebook

Results from TSL Timing –


Race 2 (Round 4)  Well it was not long before we were on the grid for the final race of the day, we were last on the programme for the day and time was tight with Oulton Park having a 6:30pm curfew on noise, so we were praying for no incidents. Unfortunately Patrick Smyth had retired the Lotus Elan s3, i do believe due to a tyre issue.

Mark Jones’ team mate Stephen Cunniffe was in the drivers seat for round 4 and because of the rules had to start from the back of the grid. Andrew Williams had been having a few battery issues with the MG ZR and needed a bump start out of the holding area.

Fabio Luffarelli being the only class M competitor wanted to have some fun so opted to start from the back of the grid but was not there long. They lined up on the grid for the green flag lap and off they went to start the 4th round of the 2018 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship.

The rolling start this time was text book and everyone got away with any issues, as they came around for the first lap at race speed, Andrew Williams’ battery problems came back to haunt him and his car began to miss-fire, but good Andy is also a experienced track marshal, so he new exactly what to do with it and he pulled off next to the nearest marshals post and reversed behind the Armco barrier, this meant there would be no need to delay the race with a red flag or safety car! Well done Andy proves its good to not only know how to drive quick round a circuit, but you also benefit from knowing how the orange army operate.

By the end of lap 1 car #98 Stephen Cunniffe was motoring and was already running in 2nd. Blake Edwards had taken 10th from Haycock’s diesel VW Golf and was pushing that Clio to its limits, Blake was already 2secs quicker than his fastest lap in race 1 (round 3). Ellis in the Vauxhall Nova was now reeling in Greg Barlows Mk1 Escort.

 By Lap 2 Tyrone Luffarelli was in 3rd and had got past his rival Moss. Fabio, father of Tyrone, had managed to get from the back to the front very quickly in the bike powered Mini, and he was now in 4th overall.

Positions stayed the same for a few laps and Moss was finding it hard to try make a pass on Tyrone because Fabio’s Mini was sandwiched between the two BS competitors. Mike Moss was pushing hard and on lap 4 managed to set the new WSSCC Oulton Park Class BS record with a time of 1:58.894. Ellis Wiggins in the Vauxhall Nova had reeled the Escort of Greg Barlow in and had made the move that put him into 7th overall.

Both drivers in the Hot Seat- Mike Nash & Steven Cunliffe fight it out for the lead (photo by Richard Redshaw)

Stephen Cunniffe took the lead from Mike Nash on lap 4 but Nash was not ready to give up without a fight. Haycock made a move on Blake as the approached lodge on lap 4, Blake tried to fight back and put a rear wheel on the grass this resulted in a massive sideways moment for Blake, he recovered well and showed us that despite being a lot older than most on the grid his reaction times are still as sharp as they always were! Simon Hutching was pushing hard to try catch the BS battle between Moss and Lufferelli.

By lap 6 Fabio had got past Tyrone’s 106 and Moss was pushing to get pasts, both drivers were only two tenths of a second away for each other this is some exciting motorsport for ours supporters to watch. Despite all his efforts MIke Moss could not find a kink in Tyrone’s armour and they continued mirroring each other for the remaining laps of the race. 

The class M (WSSCC) Oulton Park lap record was set by Fabio Luffarelli on lap 7 with a time of 1:57.224. Also Colin Dunn set the new class BT Oulton Park lap record with a time of 2:05.745 on the final lap.

As they came across the line for the last time it was Stephen Cunniffe who took the cheqeured flag followed by Mike Nash in 2nd and 2nd  in class I, Fabio Luffarell was 3rd across the line and 1st in class M, a fantastic drive from Fabio starting from the back and making up 9 places in 8 laps! In 4th, just missing out on a podium spot, was Tyrone Luffarelli although he was 1st in class BS after an exciting race with 5th place Mike Moss, who arrived home in 2nd in class BS.

Simon Hutchings finished 6th overall and 3rd in class BS, Ellis Wiggins stayed in 7th till the end and finished 4th in BS, Gregory Barlow finished 8th and 3rd in class I, Colin Dunn crossed the line in 9th and 1st in class BT, Gareth Haycock finished 10th and 1st in CT, Blake Edwards finished in 11th and 5th in BS.

Ellis Wiggins gets his ‘Driver of the Race’ award from MC Nick (Photo by Rob Allender)

Ellis Wiggins was awarded the ‘Driver of the Race’ for his dice with Greg Barlow and his Mk1 Escort.

A fantastic days racing alongside the Aston Martin Owners Club I would like to thank everyone for coming and I look forward to seeing you all at Pembrey on the 10th of June.  Nick

Photos of the action and prizegiving on Facebook

Results from TSL Timing –


Preview. WSSCC competitors ready for Oulton Park

A select band of WSSCC championship regulars will be at Oulton Park on Saturday 12th May for Rounds 3 &4 of the 2018 Championship. 2017 Champion Tyrone Luffarelli will be joined in Class BS by Blake Edwards, who was the very first champion in 1991 & 92. Blake is having his first race in the 2018 series in a Renault Clio. The regulars will be joined by some guest with some intriguing cars, including the Seat Cupra which Rhys Lloyd used to win the Championship in 2008!

Live Timing from Oulton Park  is available on TSL

The remaining dates in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship are all Sundays

  • June 10th Pembrey
  • July 29th Donington Park National Circuit 
  • August 19th Pembrey
  • Oct 14th Pembrey with Trucks

Race 1 and the clouds are clearing

WSSCC rounds 1 & 2 22/4/2018- Pembrey

Report by Nick Rocke -Action photos by Nick Forbes


With a rather unsatisfying damp start to the Sunday morning, the competitors of the WSSCC dusted off there Racing Boots and fired their cars up, some of which for the first time since October 2017.

The Saturday before there were a few repairs to be made to the current champion Tyrone Lufferelli’s Pug 106 after his clutch exploded during the race he did with the track attack championship on the Saturday, so he had to change the clutch and rather beaten up gearbox. Former WSSCC champion Jason Davies had offered his services to Simon Hutchings and was spannering his MX5, with all Jason’s experience and knowledge surely, he could help shave a few seconds off Simon’s lap times.

Mark Williams had bought a new race car this year he was now sporting a very nice looking mk5 Golf, roger Dowden had come back out of the woodwork with the little yellow davrian, 2007 champion Keith Butcher has made a return to the championship this year with his Audi A4 super tourer, Damian Longotano had made a few changes to the Westfield it was now running a 2.0 litre Millington engine.

We were 2nd out after the trucks which turned out to be eventful with one of the truck spraying diesel, oil and mud for good measure over most corners of the circuit, there were a few spinners, Alan Smith pulled off after a few laps with an overheating issue later to find his auxiliary belt tensioner had disintegrated and threw the belt off.

Nick Crompton Qualified 2nd behind Chris Everill but Nick had altered the camber on the rear of his EVO the rear arches tried to eat his rear tyres lucky enough they were salvageable after qualifying, Jim Lyons also making a return the championship in the Mini Turbo qualified 3rd overall and 2nd in class CS behind Nick Crompton. Behind Jim there Endaf Owens out in a Seat Leon, 5th on the grid with a very Respectable 1.17.6 lap time was our current WSSCC champion Tyrone who also qualified 1st in class BS with a new clutch and spare gearbox fitted he was set for a successful weekend.

Mark Williams was going well in his new VW Golf cementing his 6th place by the 4th lap, Mike Moss in the Westfield in 7th and Damian Longotano in 8th, Simon Hutchings in 9th, Number 19 Colin Dunn in his newly built Clio 172 qualified 10th on the grid and 1st in BT but retired the car early due the oily conditions, Richard Francis had a sideways encounter with hatchets after a late pass on Andy Williams on the main straight he drifted the car through hatchets hairpin and cocked a rear wheel on most other corners qualified 11th on the grid and 1st in Class AS unfortunately it was not all good for Richard his flamboyant sideway moment had resulted in injuring his little finger as he caught the steering wheel, he later found he had actually fractured the bone Ouch!

Ken James was 12th overall and 4th in CS, Daryl Radford in his Honda Civic was 13th on the grid and 4th in BS, Ellis Wiggins in the Nova redtop was 14th on the grid and 5th in BS. Andy Williams (Caldicot) in his freshly painted white MG ZR finish 15th on the grid and 2nd in BT he struggled to find grip on the greasy track, behind Andy was Alan Smith in the Ford KA despite his DNF he managed to squeeze a time in on lap 2 putting him 16th on the grid and the only runner in class AT,  Roger Dowden qualified 17th in his Davrian and 2nd in class AS.

In 18th position was invitation racer Daren Hockley in his Honda civic which came in early with a suspected oil leak, Melissa Luffarelli didn’t have the best of qualifying sessions coming in early with brake issues Melissa was sat in 19th on the grid with Keith Butcher to keep her company Keith qualified last after coming in after one lap with a knocking noise coming from the Audi A4 super tourer.

There was plenty of time for tinkering and refining the car as we were not out for the first race until 2pm.

Round 1.

Although the sun did peep through the clouds occasionally the morning was very wet there was the big decision that all drivers dread WETS or DRYS, with most teams frantically checking the forecast, a lot of drivers opted for wets weather tyres others were brave enough to try their luck on slicks or dry weather tyres.

Well the one who took the dry option were on to a winner because our unpredictable Welsh weather changed drastically, the clouds moved to the song of an aerial display of acrobatic planes overhead at Pembrey, the sun soon dried the circuit out whilst drivers sat in park ferme.

As driver came around on their warm up lap the sight was fantastic the sound even better, the front row of Everill and Crompton compacted the grid up as they came through Honda corner, the lights went out and round one was under way.

Front runner Chris Everill had pulled a small lead in his Ginetta by the first time round Honda, but Nick Crompton’s Lancer wasn’t far behind, Endaf’s had got passed Jimbo and was third and Jimbo’s Mini was 4th, Tyrone Luffarelli was still holding 5th but was defending against Mike Moss in the 1600cc Caterham.

Mike was closely followed by Longotano’s Westfield and he was motoring, next was Mark Williams in the mk5 Golf he started 6th but had dropped to 8th during the opening lap, Richard Francis had jumped up two places on the start, his years of karting in his younger years had paid off when he put his car into a gap that no one else would of dared.

In 10th was Ken James in his Duratec powered Loco Hornet, in 11th Simon Hutching who had lost two place but was still hold 3rd in class BS, behind him was BT front runner Colin Dunn in the Clio 172 cup, closely follow by Daryl Radford’s Honda Civic, Ellis Wiggins was still retaining 14th in the Nova, Roger Dowden had made up a couple of positions now in 15th followed by Andy Williams in 16th, Alan Smith in 17th, Darren Hockley 18th and finally Melissa Luffarelli, Melissa had a few place to make up due the braking issues spoiling her qualifying time, Keith Butchers Audi A4 was nowhere to be seen.

By the end of Lap 1 Everill had opened the lead up another second but was by no means out of danger with Crompton’s Lancer keeping him honest, Longotano had got passed Tyrone and Mike and was now hunting Jimbo’s Mini, Tyrone and Mike were running within a tenth of a second of each other and Tyrone was leaving NO GAPS, the Hornet of Ken had made up yet another place and was challenging Mark for 8th. Simon in the Mx5 was now in 10th with Francis in 11th and Radford now in 12th. Colin Dunn wasn’t far behind in 13th the rest of the pack stayed the same on lap 2.

By lap 3 Chris Everill had furthered his lead and looked unstoppable, Endaf had shortened the gap between him and Nick Crompton, but the real shock was that Damian Longotano was now in 4th and was Flying extracting every drop of power from that Millington powerplant. The gap between 5th Jim Lyons and 6th & 7th (Tyrone and Mike) had grown to a few seconds again on this lap going into Honda these two were inseparable, Melissa finally found a gap on lap 3 into Honda pulling of a fabulous move and gaining two positions in one hit, now was time to open that bike engine powered Mini up.

Lap 4 Everill was still Managing his lead with no sign of a threat in sight the first 5  had become evenly spaced out but did not change positions, the gap to the 6th competitor had grown to about 10sec and Ken James had managed to get past the dueling pair of BS cars, Keith Butchers Audi A4 made an appearance on this lap after having to start the race late due to an issue early on in the race.

lap5 Everill was still managing his lead from Crompton’s turbo charged Lancer, but Damian’s Westfield was closing in on 3rd place Endaf Owens. Jim in the Mini and ken James looked to be racing on their own at this point with no challengers or no one to challenge close by, Simon Hutchings had moved up in to 8th and 2nd in class after managing to pass Mike Moss in the Caterham 1600cc, Tyrone still being persistently hunted by these two competitors, there was no let up for Tyrone he had to continue to fight for his class position. By this point of the race it was apparent that we had lost car number 13 Alan Smith had a nasty off over near old paddock and was out of this race.

Most positions stayed the same during lap 6 Mike Moss had regained his 2nd in class position back from Simon Hutchings and tried a late lunge down the inside at Honda, but Tyrone seen it coming and close the door on Moss’s Caterham. Again, on lap 7 the trio of Tyrone, Mike and Simon were fighting it out for the top spot in class BS all three cars were a tenth of a second from each other fantastic to watch. Daryl Radford was still trying hard to get past Mark Williams in his new VW Golf, but Mark was not going to let him take it easily. Damian Longotano Was becoming the star of the show as he past the Turbo charged Lancer of Nick Crompton and now had the Ginetta in its sights there was no denying it that Westfield was shifting as quick as a stabbed Rat.

As the front runners came through Honda on lap 8th Everill’s lead had decreased to only a couple of seconds and Longotano was whipping every horse power out of that new Millington motor to catch him. The rest of the pack position remained unchanged and most were spread out a bit, one thing a do recall is how nice Ken James’s Duratec powered Loco Hornet sounded as it screamed past, sadly there was no one near him to race with. Mike Moss had made a move on Tyrone and made stick. Keith Butcher was still going well picking off car by car as he made his way up through the pack after starting late and from the back.

As the front cars approached Honda going on to lap 9 I was amazed to see the bright yellow kit car of Damian Longotano leading, he had closed the gap and made the pass in only one lap, Colin Dunn had made some ground up and was now catching the Nova of Wiggins once again. Melissa Luffarelli was shadowing the Davrian of Roger Dowden and waiting for a chance to get past, Tyrone had also regained the position he had lost to Mike’s caterham.

Lap 10 and Damian was still in the lead, but Chris was hot on his heels, Endaf was now in 3rd and Crompton on 4th, Jim’s Mini turbo was still holding 5th but with a huge gap to Crompton’s Lancer, Ken James was running in 6th and again with only himself to race with. Damian and Chris had now lapped everyone up to 8th position but Damian had now lost the position to Chris Everill going onto lap 11, great to watch kept me on my toes with all the battles going on.

Melissa had now got her spaceframe Mini past Dowden’s Davrian and had put a few seconds between them, Andy Williams (Caldicot) was now getting into a dog fight with the Honda Civic of Darren Hockley, but Andy was defending well and was fighting for overall position. Chris and Damian were now trying to work up through the back markers and Chris had lost a bit of time getting stuck behind the 3-way BS battle of Simon, Mike and Tyrone, could Damian use this to his advantage, the Westfield appeared to have better straight-line speed than the Ginetta.

Now by lap 12 the track was bone dry and the competitors whom went out on slicks were being rewarded by fantastic grip, the competitors who opted for their wet tyre choice were no doubt struggling and the tyres were more than likely as good as a chocolate fire guard, Damian had used the back markers that were slowing Chris up to his advantage, by the time they came through the kink before Honda Damian was back in the lead, now all he had to do was stay there. Daryl and Mark were still having a race of their own never more than a car length from each other from the start of the race.

Richard Francis was holding 13th well and running in 1st in class AS and doing it all with a broken pinky (not that he knew at this time but sure he was feeling the pain). Damian had now pulled slightly away from Chris as they started lap 13 but was by no means safe yet. Tyrone and Mike had pulled away from Simon’s mk5 but there was no way Tyrone could let his guard down yet with 1 lap to go. Colin Dunn was looking to have one more go at getting past Richards Saxo before the end, but Richard’s defense was to strong again his years of karting experience showing through here.

As they crossed the line Damian had done enough to remain in the lead and took his first ever overall win and 1st in class CS, it was a very well-deserved win fought out with the Ginetta of Chris Everill Right up to the Chequered flag. Chris Everill finish 2nd and 1st in Class D, Endaf Owens finished 3rd, Nick Crompton 4th and 2nd in CS, Jim Lyons finished 5th and 3rd in CS, Ken James finished 6th and 4th in CS after having a lonely race with no one to challenge. Tyrone in his first class BS race came a very respectable 7th and 1st in BS, it wasn’t easy defending off mike and Simon and on his wet option tyre as well, well deserved Result, Mike Moss tried very hard to past Tyrone and again went right to the flag Mike finished 8th overall and 2nd in class BS. In 9th Simon Hutchings with a fantastic drive from Simon and a great tyre choice from the former Champ Jason Davies who was spannering the car for Simon, also he finished 3rd in class BS fabulous start to the season for him.

Mark Williams was 10th and 1st in CT Mark never did give in to the constant threat of Radford’s Honda Civic. Daryl Radford finished 11th and 4th in BS, Ellis Wiggins had made a massive improvement on last season’s lap times most likely because he had improved his brakes, so he had a lot more confidence in the car, Ellis finished 12th overall and 5th in BS. Richard Francis despite having fractured his finger in qualifying had come 13th and 1st in class AS, Colin Dunn Came 14th and 1st in BT in his new Clio 172 Cup, Melissa Luffarelli had gone out on a wet set up and once her confidence built up she was rocketing around Melissa finished 15th and 1st in class M.

Roger Dowden (WSSCC chairman) has fully rebuilt the Davrian for the 2018 and we look forward to him racing here once again, roger came in 16th and 2nd in class AS, in 17th was Andy Williams in the MG ZR also 2nd in class BT Andy held off Hockley’s Civic right to the end great drive from Andy, in 18th was Darren Hockley.

Two Cars did not finish Alan Smiths Ford KA which suffered heavy damage after the incident which the tyre wall earlier in the race and Keith Butcher retired the Audi A4 Super Tourer just before the end of the rest.

So, a fantastic opening round to the WSSCC 2018 season with great driving and some competitive battles to keep us wanting more I wonder what round 2 will have in store for us.

Round 2      

There was about 2 hours of spare time between our 1st and 2nd race of the day so the competitors had time to carry out repairs, Alan Smith’s Ford KA sport was looking rather sorry for itself after his off in race one, he had his work cut out to get it fit to race in the 2nd race of the day, but first he had to get checked over by the circuit medical staff.

Damian Longotano was celebrating his first WSSCC overall win but the celebrating was short lived as he also had car issues, Damian said they may have a alternator issue and the battery had gone flat right at the end of race 1 and they had to push the car back to the paddock, luckily the WSSCC camp was in the pit lane so was not far to push.

It was a pleasure to see many of our non-racing competitors had come down to spectate and support the championship, former champion Rhodri Jenkins was down with former WSSCC racer Alvin Powell, Mat Harries had come down and Robert Allender had awarded him his trophy he was unable to collect at last season’s awards evening.

Nick Rocke (WSSCC vice chairman) had come down to help and show his support to the championship, Andy Williams and Richard Francis were both glad to take shelter under his race shelter, Nick was also on hand with refreshment for all who wanted them. Former WSSCC champion Chris Morris was also around the paddock helping and offering advice and support where needed.

Alan Smith managed to get his car sorted, there’s nothing you can’t fixed with a hammer, duct tape and cable ties, it may not have looked pretty but it would make it into the second race and that’s all that matters as it’s no fun watching from the side of the track.

They all lined up on grid for the second race of the season, unfortunately Endaf’s Seat Leon would not be Joining them. Damian got a better start, but Chris Everill out braked him going into hatchets, Everill took the lead and Nick Crompton was in third, Mike Moss had a bit of a moment on the new section out braking himself going into the new left hander, mike had a little lock up but got away with it without any issues.

By the end of lap 1 Everill had pulled away considerably and had a comfortable 3 second lead as he crossed the line, Crompton’s Turbo Charged Lancer was chomping at the heels of Longotano (was Damian being haunted by his alternator issues) Jim Lyons and Ken James were not far behind Crompton’s Lancer. Current Champion Tyrone Luffarelli was running in 6th position and catching Ken on the Brake into Hatchets, as Ellis Wiggins Nova came down to the new section his wheel locked under braking and the car was forced into a spin, later found out that a gearbox/ driveshaft issue had caused this. Ellis’s Nova was stranded in a dangerous position, so Circuit staff called for a red flag and the race was abandoned.

Due to the short duration of the race they asked for a re-grid to original starting positions, and the race length had been reduced from 20mins to 15mins plus one lap. This time Longotano gets the better line through Hatchets and leads the race through old paddock, the front 3 car of Damian, Chris and Nick were all within a 10th of each other, Tyrone, Ken and Mike may as well of been touching they were so close as they all diced into the new braking zone. Keith Butcher was working his way up from the back row and made a pass on Colin Dunn and Richard Francis whilst 3 a breast at old paddock crossing, I don’t think Colin expected it by there and twitch the steering causing him to have a little wobble I’m not sure if there was any slight contact between the 3 cars but nothing was reported but my God it was close.

Chris Everill in the Ginetta took the lead back coming out of Brookland’s but lost it again to the Westfield in the braking Zone for Honda, but Chris was on the inside and again took the position back coming out of Honda, the lead had changed 3 times in the first lap Exciting Stuff to watch. Nick Crompton was still following close by in 3rd and was shadowed by Jim in 4th, A slight gap to Ken James who was 5th and still under attack from BS runner Tyrone Luffarelli, Mike Moss in the Caterham was 7th and in 8th was Mark Williams, Butcher in the Audi A4 Super Tourer was already up to 9th in 10th by a half a cars length was Simon Hutchings and was dicing with 11th place Daryl Radford’s Honda Civic.

Melissa Luffarelli was in 12th, Dunn in the Clio cup passed Francis on the straight to take 13th position, Francis was 14th, Dowden in 15th, Andy Williams in the MG ZR was in 16th and Hockley’s Honda Civic in 17th and the Beaten but running Ford Ka was still motoring on in 18th.

On lap 3 Tyrone was glued to the back of Ken’s Loco Hornet, Tyrone lost the back end and ended on the grass at Debeni, ripping his front splitter off in the process but he managed to save it, it was a nail biting moment to watch but thank fully other than losing some aero aids his was ok, Mike Moss capitalized on this and moved up into 6th position. Andy Williams had dropped back into 17th and Hockley and opened the gap slightly.

By lap 4 Everill had breathing space and was running 4 seconds ahead of Longotano’s Westfield, Crompton and Jim were not far behind both still in their starting positions, Keith Butcher was Flying through the Pack and had definitely worked out the kinks from the first race he was now in 5th, Moss had a small lead over the 106 but Tyrone was not going to let his little off effect his confidence as he regained some ground coming down to hatchets. Simon had pulled his Mx5 away from Daryl’s Civic and both had passed Mark Williams Golf.

Everill was coming close to lapping Alan Smith’s KA as he entered lap 5, Keith Butcher was pushing hard to catch the front pack and was still in 5th Mike Moss was matching the time of Ken James, but Tyrone’s 106 was still sticking with them both. Colin Dunn was now catching Mark Williams mk5 Golf.

Averill’s lead had grown to 5secs by lap 6, Colin Dunn got the inside line going into Hatchets and stole a position from Mark Williams but was short lived as Mark fought back and went around the outside at debeni. Richard Francis Seemed to be slowing up and was now under attack from Darren Hockley’s Civic.

Lap 7 the front runners positions all stayed the same, Tyrone used the back markers to his advantage and made his move into hatchets and just got the nose of his 106 in front of Moss’s Caterham, Moss fought back on the exit of Hatchets and they were side by side through Debeni but Lufferelli had the better line and kept the position he had been trying to regain since lap 3. Tyrone’s sister Melissa had now moved up yet another position after snatching 10th from Radford.

Again Colin managed to pass Mark on the inside at Hatchets again but lost it on the exit and done a spot of gardening before rejoining the track at debeni, Butcher passed Jim’s mini on lap 8 and was now running in 4th, but again the main battle was between Tyrone Luffarelli and Mike Moss as they switched position every lap, Moss wanted that 1st in class badly and was pulling out all the stop, absolutely fantastic motorsport to watch.

Lap 9 and Everill was making his way through the mid pack back markers, Mark Williams went defensive coming into the new left hander but out braked himself and went off on to the grass and lost a place to Colin Dunn, by lap 10 Keith Butcher managed to pass Nick’s Lancer and was now 3rd at this rate he will be challenging for the lead or will he run out of laps first. Mike Moss was certainly keeping Tyrone on his toes as he tried every angle to try passing him, Tyrone’s defense was so far superior.

Lap 11 Keith Butcher now in 2nd but if Everill does not make a mistake he has enough of a lead to call this one his, but this is Motorsport and we all nothing anything can happen. Mike Moss was in all of Tyrone’s mirrors, the 106 driver was having to use all his racing experience here to hold him off, its hard in words to describe how close they were but if Tyrone was to make the slightest mistake Mike was there waiting to pounce. Melissa Luffarelli was now catching her Brother and was running in 9th.

Lap 12 Butcher was still in 2nd and was making ground up shame it wasn’t a 40min race as he may of caught up to Chris Everill, Andy Williams was running in 17th and 2nd in class BT and although there was no one for him to have a race with he still looked to be having a blast as he threw that little MG into debeni on the limit. Everill started his final lap (lap 13) with a epic lead over the rest of the pack, Butcher was 2nd and Longotano was in a solid 3rd and 1st in class CS. As Richard Francis started his final lap the Saxo gave up the ghost and he pulled off to a safe place, he did not look happy and with less than 1 lap left i can see why.

Chris Everill took the flag and had driven well all race, Chris was also 1st in class D, in 2nd was Keith Butchers Audi A4 Super Tourer also 2nd in class D was also voted driver of the race, Damian Longotano could repeat the outright win of the first race but I am sure he was more than happy with 3rd overall and 1st in class CS unfortunately the days racing had taken its tole on the Westfield with a suspected gearbox issue and a potential alternator fault. It was not a good day for competitor’s gearboxes Ellis Wiggins (dnf) because of a gearbox issue, Richard Francis later told me he believes his gearbox let go as well.

In 4th was Nick Crompton and 2nd in CS, 5th place went to Jim Lyons (3rd in CS), 6th was Ken James (4th in CS). The continuing battle between Tyrone Luffarelli and Mike Moss lasted right to the end as they drag raced to the line, Tyrone held the 7th place and came 1st in class BS a great end to a busy but fantastic for Tyrone, Mike Moss came in at 8th and well deserved 2nd in class BS, Tyrone’s sister Melissa Luffarelli was not far behind in 9th (1st class M). Simon Hutchings could now reflect on his most exhilarating weekends Racing he has had to date and to top it off he had his second 3rd in class BS, Simon came in 10th overall.

Daryl Radford was 11th (4th in BS), Colin Dunn in 12th (1st in class BT) fab weekend for Colin in his new Clio 172 cup. Mark Williams could not make up the place he had lost and came 13th and 1st in CT, Daren Hockley the only invitation racer running in round 2 came 14th. Roger Dowden moved up to 1st in class AS due to Francis’s car failing, Roger came 15th overall, 16th was Andy Williams (2nd in class BT), and unbelievably still running after its off in race one the KA of Alan Smith came 17th.

The race weekend was a success, lots of fair close racing, was a great way to start the WSSCC 2018 season, I thank everyone who came to race, spectate or to show us their support, thanks to the orange army for keeping us all safe. I look forward to seeing you all at Rounds 3 & 4 at Oulton Park.

Race Results –

Damian Longotano wins the 2018 Colin Gundersen Trophy!

The Colin Gundersen  Trophy for the Class Fastest Race Lap at Pembrey

Damian Longotano won the 2018 Colin Gundersen Trophy with a double fastest lap in the October 14th meeting, but he needed some help from the marshals to regain the track in race 1 after he got on the grass, which was awash after Storm Callum had passed through on Friday 12 October! Damian drove well all day after that! The October races were on the ‘New Circuit’. Mike Moss may rue missing last 2 races.

2018 Colin Gundersen Trophy
for the fastest laps at Pembrey
 Driver  Final Points
Damian Longotano 783.47650
Mike Moss 596.76442
Chris Everill 584.87981
Colin Dunn 572.35500
Roger Dowden 570.33215
Mark Willams 475.86344
Alan Smith 394.41321
Melissa Luffarelli 362.90664
Simon Hutchins 197.66849
Richard  Francis 197.25070
Nick Rocke 194.25370
Fabio Luffarelli 183.12654
Tyrone Luffarelli 102.88960


(Rd 11)  14th October 2018 2018 Race 5 (Rd 12)  14th October 2018
Name Time points Class Name Time  points  total
Roger Dowden 77.139 98.73346 AS Roger Dowden 78.547    96.96360    195.69706
Alan Smith 84.133 97.07249 AT Alan Smith 83.235    98.11978    195.19227
Simon Hutchins 72.759 98.98019 BS Simon Hutchins 72.996    98.65883    197.66849
Colin Dunn 76.679 95.97282 BT Colin Dunn 76.994    95.58018    191.53300
Damian Longatano 66.941 98.82434 CS Damian Longatano 66.276    99.81592    198.63964
No Entries Nil nil CT No Entries Nil  Nil  nil
Chris Everill 68.367 98.42468 D Chris Everill 67.731    99.34889    197.77357
No Entries Nil Nil M No Entries Nil  Nil  nil


After 6 rounds Points c/f Races 5 & 6 total Old Circuit Class Fastest lap -Red=  new Record
1 Mike Moss 390.454 206.31042 596.7644 Class Driver Class Record Date set
2 Damian Longotano 385.0799 199.74551 584.8254 AT Sam Summerhayes 67.000 8/16/2015
3 Mark Willams 388.3557 87.50774 475.8634 AS Craig Freeman 67.149 6/30/2013
4 Alan Smith 391.4407 did not enter 391.4407 BT Tyrone Luffarelli 67.579 23/04/2017
5 Chris Everill 197.187 189.91924 387.1062 BS Mike Moss 64.811 19/08/2018
6 Colin Dunn 191.4148 189.4072 380.822 CS Jason   Davies 60.761 23/04/2017
7 Roger Dowden 186.73666 187.89843 374.6351 CT Dave Scaramanga 67.181 23/04/2017
8 Melissa Luffarelli 184.1951 178.71154 362.9066 D Keith White 60.441 05/8/20112
9 Richard  Francis 197.2507 did not enter 197.2507 M Mike Cond 60.872 6/30/2013
10 Nick Rocke 194.2537 did not enter 194.2537
11 Fabio Luffarelli 183.12654 did not enter 183.1265
12 Tyrone Luffarelli 102.8896 did not enter 102.8896
2018 Race 5 (Rd 9)  19th August 2018 2018 Race 6 (Rd 10)  19th August 2018 sub total
Class Name Time points Class Name Time points
AT No Entries nil nil AT No Entries nil nil
AS Roger Dowden 71.832 93.4806215 AS Roger Dowden 71.119 94.41780677 187.898428
BT Colin Dunn 71.025 95.1481873 BT Colin Dunn 71.695 94.25901388 189.407201
BS Mike Moss 65.067 105.4928 BS Mike Moss 64.811 100.8176188 206.310418
CS Damian Longotano 60.911 99.7537391 CS Damian Longotano 60.766 99.99177171 199.745511
CT Mark Williams 69.435 87.5077411 CT No Entries nil nil nil
D Chris Everill 61.663 98.0182605 D Chris Everill 61.74 91.90098391 189.919244
M Melissa Luffarelli 68.416 88.34337 M Melissa Luffarelli 67.36 90.36817102 178.711541
After 4 rounds Total Points Old ‘Classic’ Circuit Class Fastest lap
1 Alan Smith 391.4407 Class Lap Record Date set
2 Mike Moss 390.4540 AT Sam Summerhayes 67.000 16/08/2015
3 Mark Williams 388.3557 AS Craig Freeman 67.149 30/06/2013
4 Damian Longotano 385.0799 BT Paul Flinders 68.641 20/10/2013
5 Richard  Francis 197.2507 BS Jim Lyons 64.952 05/10/2014
6 Chris Everill 197.1870 CS Martin Davies 61.415 05/08/2012
7 Nick Rocke 194.2537 CT Kevin Bird 68.404 05/08/2012
8 Colin Dunn 191.4148 D Keith White 60.441 05/8/20112
9 Roger Dowden 186.7367 M Mike Cond 60.872 30/06/2013
10 Melissa Luffarelli 184.1951
11 Fabio Luffarelli 183.1265
12 Tyrone Luffarelli 102.8896


2018 Race 3 (Round5)  – 10th June 2018 2018 Race 4 (Round 6)  – 10th June 2018 sub total
Class Name Time points Class Name Time points
AT Alan Smith 76.469 87.61720 AT Alan Smith 77.298 86.67753 174.29474
AS Roger Dowden 71.637 93.73508 AS Roger Dowden 72.202 93.00158 186.73666
BT Nick Rocke 70.657 97.14678 BT Nick Rocke 70.686 97.10692 194.25370
BS Mike Moss 65.599 99.01370 BS Mike Moss 65.591 99.02578 198.03949
CS Damian Longotano 63.072 97.37284 CS Damian Longotano 64.925 94.59376 191.96661
CT Mark Williams 69.490 98.43719 CT Mark Williams 69.292 98.71847 197.15565
D No Entries nil nil D No Entries nil nil nil
M Fabio Luffarelli 68.368 89.03581 M Fabio Luffarelli 64.695 94.09073 183.12654


New Circuit – Class Records 16/10/17 After 2 Rounds Total points
Class Driver Class Record Date set AT Alan Smith 198.3432
AS Richard Francis 76.162 15/10/2017 AS Richard  Francis 197.2507
AT Alan Smith 82.35 15/10/2017 D Chris Everill 197.1870
BS Daryl Radford 74.098 15/10/2017 CS Damian Longotano 192.4145
BT Tyrone Luffarelli 73.591 15/10/2017 BT Colin Dunn 191.4148
CS Bradley John 66.154 23/07/2017 CT Mark Williams 191.2000
CT Dave Scaramanga 72.645 15/10/2017 M Melissa Luffarelli 184.1951
D Keith White 67.29 15/10/2017 BS Tyrone Luffarelli 102.8896
M Fabio Luffarelli 67.749 15/10/2017 BS Mike Moss 100.4392
Race 1 22/4/18 Race 2 22/4/18
Class Fastest lap Time Points Class Fastest Lap Time Points total Points
AS Richard  Francis 77.495 98.27989 AS Richard  Francis 76.954 98.97081 197.25070
AT Alan Smith 81.67 100.83262 AT Alan Smith 83.755 97.5106 198.34322
BS Mike Moss 73.774 100.43918 BS Tyrone Luffarelli 72.017 102.8896 102.8896
BT Colin Dunn 77.475 94.98677 BT Colin Dunn 76.317 96.42806 191.41483
CS Damian Longotano 67.68 97.74527 CS Damian Longotano 69.667 94.95744 192.70271
CT Mark Williams 75.44 96.29507 CT Mark Williams 76.545 94.90496 191.20003
D Chris Everill 68.41 98.36281 D Chris Everill 68.09 98.82508 197.18790
M Melissa Luffarelli 74.756 90.62684 M Melissa Luffarelli 72.406 93.56821 184.19505