WSSCC Code of Practice

  1. I understand that the championship will be administered by the committee of the WRDA or any sub-committee it shall authorise for the purpose. They will advise & assist the Championship Co-ordinator who will liaise with them.
  2. I understand that to ensure fair competition the organisers reserve the right to re-classify certain individual car and driver combinations.
  3. I agree that neither I, nor any member of my team or anyone who purports to have any connection with me or any member of my team, will make any adverse comments to the press or media or via social media. I understand that if any such comments are printed or broadcast, I may be called to give account of said comments.
  4. I understand that this also applies to misbehaviour or unfair practice.
  5. Drivers are also reminded that they must try to avoid contact with other cars, and must give each other ‘racing room’, at all times. When weaving to ‘warm up’ tyres on the ‘Green Flag’  lap, drivers must be sure they are aware of the other drivers on the grid and be careful to avoid coming too close to the centre of the track’
  6. I understand that the steering committee reserve the right of censure in respect of all items in the code of practice
  7. In extreme cases, following the  appropriate  hearing, the Championship organisers  may refund a registration  fee  and  request  that  a competitor takes no further part in the championship. This does not prejudice the normal rights of appeal as allowed for in the MSA Blue Book.
  8. I understand that telephone calls to officials should be made after 9.00 a.m. and before 9.30 p.m.