2021 Regulations + Reg Forms

The 2021 regs are essentially  the same as last year.  2021 WSSCC Published Regs       2021 Competitor Registration form

2021 Car Registration Form

The 2021 Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship
 Championship Permit:–  CH2021/R0125 Grade D : Club
  2021 Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship Regulation 1.5.1

1.5.1    All Races will be Rolling Starts

Rounds Date Venue Club
1  & 2 13th June 2021 Mallory Park Classic & Modern C.C
3 & 4 4h July 2021 Thruxton Barc
5 & 6 11/ 12 Sept 2021 Pembrey Barc
7 & 8  26th Sept  2021 Donington GP BRSCC
9 & 10 10th Oct 2021 Pembrey Barc

1.6.      SCORING 1.6.1     A competitors championship points total will be the total for all 10 rounds less the two lowest scores. Not starting a round will count as 0 points

Signed: Mark Reed p.p                    Date: 21/5/2021

Championship Coordinator:

We will need get as big a grid as possible. For Thruxton and Donington Park we will need 20 cars and for the other dates 15 would be great. So please get fixing your cars and also wake up your mates, to join us for some fun in ‘21! Moreover if you feel you can also find some funds in your advertising budget, please let me know!  Regards Robert